Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Relief for the Bottom

Poor Kalen has been battling diaper rash off and on for weeks now.  He even had a yeast infection diaper rash (that we got a prescription ointment for).  Even though we would lather on different types of creams and ointments it never seemed to fully go away.  It would get so bad at some points he wouldn't even sit in the tub because the water made it burn.  Sometimes he would have small spots of blood and areas would be rubbed raw.  We would use cloths with just water to clean his bottom because the wipes seemed to burn him, and then pat him completely dry and let him air out before placing a new diaper on. He would scream bloody murder when we tried to change his diaper.  I felt so bad when I changed him but I couldn't let him sit in his poop or pee that would just irritate his bottom further.  I remade a batch of the homemade diaper rash cream that had worked wonders in the past, getting rid of any diaper rash with in one change of his diaper, but that failed.  The hubs and I sat thinking about the fact that Kalen never use to get diaper rash, so we tried to think of what was different then.  Well Kalen has been eating a massive amounts of fruits, so we tried to cut back on those, thinking the acid in some of the fruits are bothering him.  We limited his apple juice to just a few drops in his water or none at all.  Nothing... We noticed that the Huggies Snug and Dry diapers seemed to only make matters worse.  So we finished those off.  Moved on to Huggie little movers.. still nothing.  Pampers Cruisers nothing.... So finally we went back to Target's Up and Up brand diapers.  Well his butt is no longer red, he no longer screams through changes, and he can happily go back to sitting and playing in the tub for bath time.  In this case the more expensive was not the best for us.  He never had a problem with any of the brands of diapers before, this has been a recent occurrence.  I guess the chemicals in the Pampers and Huggies reacted with his pee and poop and caused his bottom to be burned.   So now we have gone back to just using Target's trusted brand of diapers so our son can have a Pain free bottom!!

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  1. That's good that you two figured out what it was.I know it must have been painful to see Kalen have that much pain on his bottom