Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Two and a half year old got harassed

Today was going to be a normal run errands kind of day.  Lucas had a 15 month Dr visit and then we would go to the craft store.  Our day was moving along nicely, we finished Lucas' checkup and then headed to our first craft store.  They were out of what I needed so I thought I would try the Joann's down the street.  As I am getting out of the car and open Kalen's door to get him out a man starts yelling at me across the parking lot.  I ignore him and finish getting the kids out of the car.  I walk over to the cart return and put the boys in a cart.  The man is still yelling at me.  He is yelling as loud as he can that 'The Gators suck'.  I have never been a sports fan that says or does Rude things to other teams fans.  I am sure there has been the occasional brag or taunting, but it has only been done to people I know and its never Rude.  So I continue to ignore this Rude man.

As I continue to walk into the store I hear "Hey lady with the Gator tag and blue car, the Gators Suck." He repeats this phrase a few times and I have yet to acknowledge him or glance in his direction.

We finally make it inside, and I am shocked that this man continued to yell at me through the parking lot.  I have two kids with me and the guy can see that. So I have no idea why he felt the need to keep yelling at me. 

As I am pushing the cart the man has gotten out of his car and followed me into the Joann's.  This man has clearly lost his mind. He pushes my shoulder and continues to yell "The Gators Suck" at me.  I am just pushing my cart along and trying to get away from him.  He then tells me to look at his shirt, and starts saying "Roll Tide, Roll Tide, Baby." Of course this man is an Alabama fan, this is not the first time I have encountered a Rude Alabama fan.  I know every team has fans that are rude and generally do not fit the overall Fandom of that team, but I have encountered quite a few rude Alabama fans. 

Since I have been ignoring him he decided to yell at Kalen, "Your Mommy picked a crappy team to root for, you're gonna grow up liking a Sucky team, the Gators Suck." Luckily Kalen was more interested in pushing our cart than paying any attention to this man.  I was so pissed he started talking to Kalen.

Usually when I encounter a rude person I always walk away thinking I should have said something. And later I think of ten different things I could have said.  So I was actually shocked I said something.  I got Kalen's attention and said loudly enough so the man could hear, "That's what White Trash looks like." The man clearly heard me and turned around to give me a dirty look.

Was this my best Mommy moment, No.  Do I regret saying what I said, No.  I am sure there was a better thing to say to him. But I doubt he would have listened or done anything different.  I am sure this wasn't his first time harassing a fan of a different team.  My Mom said I should have just yelled "Rape" over and over again in the store.  This probably would have been pretty funny and really got the mans attention.  But who knows what other choice words he would have yelled at me or my kids.

I can just hope that I raise Kalen to be a good sport about his team, have pride in the team he likes but, never be rude to another teams fans, or be Rude period to anyone.  That he would have an understanding that everyone likes different teams, I mean it would be pretty boring if everyone liked the same team. 

This man could have just said, "Roll Tide" in the parking lot and left it alone.  He didn't need to repeatedly yell Sucks with my kids around.  He definitely did not need to even talk to my kids.  He clearly lacked any common sense if he thought it was at all appropriate to yell like that to someone, let alone a woman with two young kids with her.