Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Reads

Reading for fun!! Never in my life did I ever think I would read for fun. You can ask my mom, I am sure she is just as shocked.  In high school I hated reading.  I would do everything I could to not read a book.  I do not think I read one book I was required to, Cliff notes and the Internet were my friend, when I was having a test or doing a homework assignment on a book.  I probably spent more time trying to figure out books than if I actually read the book.  I mean homework was to only read a couple chapters a night. Seriously I couldn't even do that. I hated to Read. So much so that when I started taking AP classes in HS I refused to go into AP English. 
 I met my Hubby my freshman year of college and he loved reading.  His favorite is the Harry Potter series.  He was always trying to get me to read.  But I just didn't think I would like it much less enjoy it.  Fast forward through college and into our first year of Marriage about 5 1/2 years.  I still was not reading, I read my textbooks in school but that was the extent of my reading. Finally I decided to give HP a try.  The hubs was always saying it won't disappoint.  I had seen all but the last 3 movies (since the last book was two movies). So I pretty much knew the story line just not all the details that the movies left out.  So J.K. Rowling with her brilliant writing and my husbands persistence finally got me reading and I haven't stopped. I think deep down he regrets convincing me to read because I often keep him up at night with my light so I can read.  I quickly read through all 7 HP books, with the last two being my favs simply because I had no idea what was going to happen, since the movies were not out yet.
After HP I quickly read through the Twilight series.  I read books here and there for the next couple of years. I was part of two book clubs, yes me the girl who use to hate to read. So I was reading whatever was the book of the month.  Then the hubs got a Kindle for Xmas.  Needless to say this is the best invention ever.  I quickly stole his and read The Hunger Games, some random books I would get for free, and the Fifty Shades series.  Then the hubs bought me my own Kindle for Mother's Day so he could have his back.  I hardly put it down!! The library and amazon free books are my fav.  I have gotten so many books from there and I have yet to purchase a book for my kindle yet and it is stocked full of reads a lot of recent releases too. I recently got Sophia Kinsella's new book, I've got Your Number, and I loved it. 

I pretty much will read anything.  I love young adult books (teen books too), I have read all of Emily Giffin's books, Madeliene Wickhams (aka Sophie Kinsella), and most of Kristin Hannah. I began the Maze Runner Series, but it hasn't grasped my full attention and I haven't started the second yet. I'm reading a series about Vampires right now and I have a dystopian series waiting.  I have seriously read more books in the last 6 months than I have in my entire life!! I think I am up to 15 since the year began.

If you have read any good books lately let me know! I am always looking for something new and exciting to read.   

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Fun

We had lots of fun celebrating Daddy this weekend.  He had more of a weekend celebration than just a Sunday celebration.  But shouldn't we celebrate mommy and daddy all the time! Ha. The hubs is such a good daddy!! The boys and I love him so much and we couldn't have asked for anyone better!! He was celebrating his 3rd Father's Day! Four years ago I actually told him he was going to be a Father soon on Father's Day, which was also landed on our First anniversary. 
The family started off the fun with some fun outdoor time.  The kids played outside, we set up the bubble machine and then eventually the water sprinkler ball got turned on because everyone was a hot sweaty mess.  The boys love anything to do with water, and would probably play in some sort of water all day if allowed. 

Some pictures from our outdoor fun

Chasing the Bubbles everywhere

Big Bro taking Lucas for a ride

So Happy!!
We usually do dinner the night before to beat the huge rush of people.  Having two kids wait for a super long time to get to a table and then expect them to sit nicely for the whole dinner is just not ideal.  So we celebrate early for the kids sake and our sanity.  So we headed out to the hubs pick of the night BoneFish.
Lucas enjoying the chopsticks

Daddy and Kalen, he loved the bread
Sorry for the quality, forgot the camera, so we used the phone
Sunday I woke up with the kids got there breakfast going and then Kalen carried Daddy's gift to him.  The Hubs wanted fractional weights, so that's what he got. Ha ha.  He wanted Dunkin Donuts coffee and a bagel for breakfast. So off I went to make the hubs happy.  After we ate we headed back outside for some more water time fun.  The hubs has wanted a super soaker for awhile, so his wish was my command on Father's Day.  So he became a kid again while we were outside.

Kalen flailing himself in the pool

Daddy attacking the Kids

He is having so much fun

Helping Lucas shot his bro

Kalen figuring out the water gun

Of course we added the slide for more FUN!!
To finish off the day we had a little cookout and I made the Hubs a Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Icing.  I could have just eaten the icing as if it was a dessert in its self.
Helping clean the utensils

Everyone gets some PB icing

Finished Cake
I will be uploading a lot more pictures on my facebook page!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party!!

I pretty much knew not long after Lucas was born that his first birthday party would be The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Even though I knew this I still pretty much waited till the last minute to plan his party! I love just love the book and so do the boys.  I had big plans, but big plans require lots of money.  So I did most everything myself, bringing out my inner sorority crafting skills.  I love to craft and get my creative juices flowing, so this party was a lot of fun for me.  I perused the Internet especially pinterest to get some ideas. 
The first thing I wanted to make were little goody bags for the guests.  I order super cute Hungry Caterpillar fabric.  As soon as it came in I started on the first one.  However I quickly got frustrated and the bags never got finished.  I made one and it took forever.  I am okay with a sewing machine, but I think I could be a lot better if I took a class and actually learned about sewing instead of just reading the manual.  The bag looked fine and I will use it, but I like my crafts to be worthy of giving to someone else not like I tried to make it is a quick as possible.  So I decided I would just skip the bags.  Maybe another party down the road. 
I moved on to ordering Lucas' pictures from his first year and made his picture hangings which can be seen here. This is my absolute favorite thing to make I just love looking back on the pictures.  I saw it in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years back, before I Kalen even turned one and I knew I would be making these every year.
Next I wanted to make a pretty big Caterpillar to hang over the food table.  I saw a bunch made out of balloons but they weren't all that appealing to me so I decided to use Chinese lanterns and then cut out the different features of the Caterpillar.  I loved how it turned out and it was super easy!

I also made another Caterpillar out of Tissue paper pom-poms and hung those up by the front door.

I have been looking through the Internet for some time before the party and I came across a blog that had a free printable of all the days and what the caterpillar ate.  I saved the image to my computer and now I cannot find the blog to give her the credit! I'm so sorry.  So I printed them out and glued them to card stock for a little extra excitement. For the Mon-Fri days I attached them to jars with the food inside.  For Everything he ate on Saturday I just taped those up in the guest bathroom, for everyone to read while washing their hands.

Caterpillar Growing into a Butterfly. I love the fat one!! haha

I make the kids Birthday Banners every year and hand them on the entertainment center.  Lucas' was fun to make since I got to make "Happy" into caterpillar.

Just a few other small details.  I wrapped the silverware with a little caterpillar wrap and I bought some cute cardboard straws for everyone to enjoy their drinks with.
Straws from Making Memories Fun
Wraps from Soiree Chic Shop

On the front door hung Lucas' Birthday Wreath. Which is still there because I have yet to make a summer one.

Last but not least his yummy birthday cake.  I had the bakery that made our wedding cake make Lucas' Bday cake! The Bakery use to be called Sheila's but they changed it to Dessert First . They made him a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and delicious butter cream!!

Smash Cake
Lucas in his bday shirt from Munsker & Roo and his bday shades from my friend Ashley.

Enjoying his smash cake!! Yummy

Adorable Invite created by Park Side Prints.  Kelly Myers was great, she helps in any way possible

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lucas Is the Big ONE

So clearly I have been in La-la land!! Lucas turned one about a week a half ago,on May 24.  Just like every other parent out there you wonder where in the heck the year went.  You could have sworn you just brought your bundle of joy home a few weeks ago.  Now the little mister is walking and trying to make words with the sounds he can get out.  As I looked back on this past year I thought about how similar Lucas is to Kalen and then how completely different he is. 
For every birthday I print out pictures from the past year and arrange them in a number, for how ever old they are turning.  I love doing this and I'm sure one day the boys will be utterly embarrassed about it, but I don't care.  Its so fun to look back and see how much they have changed.  Obviously they change so much in the first year.  Lucas was completely dependent on his mom and dad.  He could really only squirm around and his only way to communicate was to cry.  Luckily Lucas was not much of a crier.  He is pretty much all smiles unless he is teething or hungry.  Now the little mister is walking wherever he wants to go, lifting his arms at you if he wants to be picked up, and feeding himself finger foods.  He also loves yelling out for his Da-da. 
Lucas loves to play with toys and can entertain himself just like his big bro Kalen. Which is nice for the rentals to get a break every now and then.  Just like his brother his happy place is in the Bath tub! No matter whats going on if you turn the bath tub on both kids come running at the bathroom like they are giving away puppies and lollipops in there. 
Lucas is so much like his father.  They are almost identical! Although when I took him for his one year check up the nurse said he looked just like me and I told her if she saw my husband she wouldn't think he looked anything like me.  As newborns both boys looked just like their father.  Kalen has changed a lot and I think he is starting to favor me a little more.  Lucas on the other hand still looks like his Pops.  They have the same skin coloring, which makes me extremely jealous, you can put sunscreen on both of them and they still tan up in a matter on minutes!! Just as when my hubs was a kid, Lucas has a darker, dirty blond coloring of his hair, but when he goes in the sun it turns this beautiful golden sunshine color.  His hair is also starting to curl a bit and its getting thicker by the day.  The hubs has wavy, thick hair as well. 
His personality is really starting to come out as well.  He is much more of a lover than Kalen was.  Lucas likes to be held sometimes and will come up to you and throw his arms up when he wants you.  he will also sit on your lap for a little while.  He is still super active though and doesn't like to stay in one place to long.  He loves to laugh and anything you do can pretty much trigger a fit of laughter.  He also loves anyone and everyone.  If you look at him he flashes you a huge grin and usually some laughs.  He is definitely more of a people person than Kalen is.  Kalen takes a little warming up but then he is usually good to go. 
This little guy has so much love.  He loves his Big Bro so much and makes me happy that they are so close.  He follow Kalen everywhere, plays with him, runs away laughing when Kalen chases him, and just loves to be around him.  Kalen loves him as well, yes he gets jealous of Lucas, and sometimes doesn't want to share with him, gives Lucas a good whack every now and then.  But he always says sorry and gives him a hug and a kiss.  Kalen doesn't quite understand how much smaller Lucas is because he often tackles him while giving hugs.  Kalen doesn't like when Lucas is upset, either.  Often times he runs up to him and says "sorry" even though Kalen isn't what made him cry.  He will bring him his juice and milk, bring him food, and "Lucas'" toys.  when Lucas wakes up from his nap Kalen usually runs to his room and starts yelling out his name and laughing and Lucas starts going nuts in his crib, laughing and smiling at his bro. 
Here are a few pictures of his bday night and then pictures of the 1s I made.  Its so fun to look and see how much he has changed in a year! Lucas has pretty much stayed the same in his face since birth, where Kalen looks nothing like he did when he was born.

Enjoying a slice of Cake on His Bday
All smiles after his cake

Pictures from his first year of life in the Shape of a 1 

Close up of the 1

2nd #1