Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Months Old

Ahhh.. I just wrote about Kalen turning a year and a half and now Lucas is 3 months old.  Our little man is growing oh so fast.  I feel like it was yesterday that I brought him home I know I say this a lot but its true.  Maybe because both my little boys keep me so busy that the days start to blend together and I'm never really sure what we did the day before.  It is definitely true that Kids are time accelerators and that with each year things go by faster and faster.  I know with two it seems to be going by in warp speed.  I can't even imagine when they are older and I am driving them to various sporting events and after school activities. 
Anyways Lucas is still my little smilebot.  I have never seen a baby smile so much in my life.  If he catches your eye there is a smile, you talk to him smile, tickle him smile.  Its so wonderful.  He is also getting better at laughing and when we get him going we all start to laugh.  The other day my hubs pulled out a book I made for him on his first fathers day that was filled with pictures of Kalen and Lucas is pretty much the spitting imagine of Kalen.  It's so crazy he is his little mini me.  Lucas has darker skin and he still has brown hair, which seems to be getting thicker. 
The little man is getting taller too.  I am going to pack up a bunch of his three month onesies because they are just not long enough.  The same goes for his pajamas there just isn't enough room in them for the little mister to stretch. 
He is no longer satisfied with just laying on the ground to play.  He will tolerate it for a little bit and then he wants to sit up.  He loves to sit on my lap and just watch his big brother play.  His little peepers follow your every move he just loves to track whoever is moving.  He even likes to sit in the bumbo and watch everyone in the house.  His interest in toys is growing by the day.  He grabs and holds on for dear life to the toys dangling above him on his play mat.  He also has a few toys he can hold and swing around.  He loves to grab blankets and chew on them, so I recently made him a Taggie blanket and he seems to love it.  I think I need to purchase Sophie the Giraffe for him, I'm pretty sure they would be fast friends. 
The little mister is also becoming a bit more mobile.  He is pretty good at rolling from his belly to his back and has just started rolling from his back to belly.  Of course the other day he went from his back to belly and then from his belly to his back in one big roll.  So I got the video camera out and the little squirt wouldn't do it again. 
Little man is sleeping a little more at night as the weeks go by.  He now usually goes down around 9/9:30 and sleeps till about 5/6 and then falls back asleep for another 2 hours or so.  He usually wakes up for the second time when Kalen wakes up for the day.  His naps during the day seem to be off.  He takes a few 30 to 45 min naps throughout the day and I can usually get him down for an hour and a half to two hours around when Kalen naps (probably because it is nice and quiet). 

Lucas with his Taggie

My little Ducky

Love my Zeta's

Loves to Smile

About to Roll over

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

18 Months Aka A Year and a Half

Well my little Mister is growing despite my constant reminder for him to stop. He turned a year and a half on August 15th and is becoming such a big boy and I just can't handle it.  He doesn't need want your help for anything.  If he could open up the fridge and cut up the fruits and veggies himself he would.  While changing his diaper he often rips the wipe out of your hand to clean himself, he also does this with the washcloth at bath time.  He looks at you like 'I've got this mommy'. He tries to put on his clothes all by himself and his shoes. But he hasn't quite figured out how to get his shoe all the way on. He recently has managed to get both his legs in shorts and pull them up. As I write this he is trying to pull off his shorts and put them back on. So he looks like a gangster with his underwear diaper hanging out. He is a climbing fool, he managed to climb all the way up our bar stools. So not cool! He will pretty much try to climb he was up anything, that includes a jungle gym daddy.  Since he has become an expert mountain climber we no longer have any gates up and he just gets to run wild in the house.  He currently loves to place a blanket, hat, or shirt over his eyes and run around the house while blind.  It is actually quite comical when he runs smack in to something and just bounces off like a ping pong ball.
His favorite movie is Despicable Me, he loves to dance at the end when the girls, Gru, and the Minions are all dancing. He loves to dance anytime there is any kind of music playing.
He loves pretty much any type of fruit and will eat them up so fast.  His favs are blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. 
He loves Cars, he loves to push them all around the house while making the appropriate noises, vroom!
Kalen can't be bothered with a sippy cup outside of the house. He needs an adult cup, since he is a big boy. Needless to say we have often had spills, that's with a lid! The foam cups are no match for him, he just busts them right open.  Often shoving his finger through so out comes whatever yumminess was inside.  So while we were out shopping one day the hubs found a plastic, reasonable cup. It has a screw on lid and the bottom of the straw is larger than the hole, so the straw cannot be pulled out. So far it hasn't busted and believe me Kalen has tried.
His favorite activity is anything to do with water.  He loves the Splash park that is up the road.  I could probably drop him off in the morning and then pick him up for Lunch and Nap and take him right back.  I'm usually pooped after watching him play in the water for an hour.  He also loves bath time.  He has a little fishing pole and fish that he has finally figured out.  He is getting ready to go fishing with his grandpa buddy.  He is an expert at catch and throw the fish off as wildly as possible release. 
The little mister is slowly beginning to speak with words we can understand.  Though not many.  He often tries to repeat whatever we ask him to and sometimes it sounds pretty darn close.
These are so pretty recent pictures of the little man 

Chili for dinner

His happy place, the Tub

Combing up his mop

His first Slush

Nom Nom Nom


Brotherly Love (ignore the mess)

I just love this little man so much

And yes I trim this little dudes bangs probably every other week.  And just like that they have grown back.  I wish my hair grew that fast.

Squirt, The Turtle

Squirt was a Red Ear Slider Turtle that The Hubs and I got our Sophomore year of college. When we got her she was only about an inch and a half long and a inch wide. We got her a nice fish bowl to live in and placed her on the desk next to the window so she could Tan everyday. I'm calling her a girl but it wasn't until about a year and a half ago that our 'he' was a 'she'. She laid two eggs, and all these years we thought she was a he.
Over the years she went through multiple tanks because she wouldn't stop growing, this was partly our fault the more room they have the more they grow. Her most resent tank could hold about 25 gallons of water.  She went from our tiny turtle, hence the name Squirt, to about 9 inches long and 5 to 6 inches wide. She would eat the tiny goldfish from the pet store and pretty much anything else you dropped in there.  She loved to chase down the fish in her tank and would begin to try and climb out as soon as she saw the bag of her 25 fish feast. Kalen loved to go on the porch and watch her swim around or sun bathe.  He would also get a good laugh watching her.  She wasn't your typical pet, you couldn't pet her, cuddle her, or give her kisses.  You could just watch her, every now and then she would get to run around outside or on the porch while The Hubs cleaned her tank.
On Sunday we got her, her usual 25 fish + 5 extra and went out to feed her and noticed she wasn't sun bathing or swimming around, she just laid at the bottom of her tank.
This is the first pet loss as a family, besides a few fish we had over the years.  So we found a nice spot on the side of the house and laid her to rest.  We all went outside to give her a proper funeral and said some nice words for Squirt.  I know neither of the boys will remember her except when we tell them we use to have this massive turtle.  Even though she was just a turtle that lived on the porch in her massive tank, she was still part of our family.  So it was a sad day for The Hubs and I.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh This Week..

Is almost over. We had a bit of a crazy week here is the Scibetta house.  It started last Thursday night the 6th we headed to Jacksonville because I had a dentist appt on Friday morning.  Yes I still drive almost two hours to see my dentist.  We spent a few days at my moms house and the Hubs and I were able to spend all day Friday out and about with out the kiddos.  We dropped off our wedding rings to get cleaned and rhodium plated and the hubs finally got his sized down so it will stop flying off.  Then we had a nice lunch at Ted's Montana Grill, neither of us have ever eaten there before, but I was super excited when we sat down and we were brought pickle chips.  They were the kind where the cucumber hasn't fully been pickled long enough to be a full fledged pickle.  So they are nice and crunchy, perfect combo of a pickle and cucumber, so yummy.  The hubs was super excited to order a massive bison burger that thought it should be served for breakfast, it had an egg cooked on top as well as some breakfast ham.  I had the yummy Bison Chili with a side salad with BLT ranch (this might be my new fav ranch).  We did a little shopping and then headed back to my moms.  We played in the pool for a little while then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Where Kalen decided to dump my entire water into my lap.  Needless to say I was freezing. 

We decided to go back to our home in Citrus Springs on Sat since Lucas seemed like he was getting sick.  So we made the journey back home but we first had to drive 45 mins out of our way to pick up our rings first, so our usually two hour journey turned in to almost 4.  But, both kids did great, Kalen watched his movies and Lucas pretty much slept the whole way. 

Once we got home it seemed full fledged sickness took over Lucas.  He had a cough and his poor little nose was all stuffed up.  He slept with the humidifier in his room every night and it seemed to help a lot.  Well Lucas thought it was necessary to share his sickness with the whole house.  So Kalen also has a massive cold, he seems to almost be over it.  Kalen has been taking super long naps and has been sleeping in till around 9, this morning he slept till 1015.  Hopefully all this sleep is helping him get better, although he hasn't had much of an appitite only eating fruit.  Of course caring for two sick babies all week got mommy sick, and I'm pretty sure my sickness gave me a nice sinus headache that won't go away. 

Friday really hit the head on the nail of this not so awesome week.  I went to Publix to do all my shopping, got my cart unloaded and the cashier asked for my ID for the wine I was buying.  Do you think I had my ID? Of course not. Not only did I not have my ID I didn't even have my wallet so I had no way to pay for all the grocieries I had just loaded out of my cart.  Thank you to Publix who just scanned and bagged all my groceries and put them in the back so they would stay cold while I went home to get my wallet.  After that fun trip I headed to get my oil changed.  I also had some recalls on the computer in the car that they needed to reset, no biggie I was told an hour and half tops.  Well 2 and a half hours later I was headed home.  Geez

Positive note of the week Lucas has been sleeping from about 10 pm till 6/7am every night for about a week a half!! Yay  Although the poor thing has started to have nightmares I think. He wakes up from his naps screaming so loud. Poor thing
Here's to hopping for a better week next week and hoping this sickness leaves our house soon!!

Kalen needed to pull all the toys out

He wanted to read

Kalen decided to go play in the hole my moms dog Cooper just dug

Lucas Smiling at daddy

Being a happy baby inspite of being sick

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy's Birthday Celebration

Well Mommy got a nice mini vacation for her birthday.  I spent it in Orlando with two of my best girlfriends.  Since I would be going Wed-Fri we needed a babysitter for the days since the Hubs would be working, So the hubs Mom came up to watch her grandbabies!! Thank you!!  My vacay started by arriving at the Sheraton Hotel (which we stayed for Free) Yay!!  We headed out to the pool to catch some rays for a few hours before the nights main event.  Well my white skin hasn't seen the sun in a hot 9+ months so it quickly went from white to a beautiful shade of red.  It eventually turned into a nice Tan, although I am starting to peel on my chest where I got burnt the most.  While lounging by the pool we partaked in some delicious Margaritas.  This was also the first time in 9+ months that my body enjoyed margaritas.  That night we headed out to Amway to see our Number One Girl, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears!!! We have loved her from the beginning and even through her crazy faze and we still have love for her today no matter what people say.  We had an amazing time singing and Dancing Till the World Ends.  (My pics are not that great because my point and shoot is crappy and the batteries were dieing)

Thursday was a pretty chill day hanging out at my friends house by the pool and enjoying adult bevs, further extending my tan.  That night we headed to see Horrible Bosses, which was pretty hilarious. Ashley bought a medium soda which was a hot 5 dollars and we realized quickly why America is expanding.  The medium could easily hold 4 cans of soda.  Seriously who needs that much soda in one sitting?

My last day of the mini vacy, my friend, Ashley, and I met up with my hubby for lunch and then we were off to get ready for the NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys) concert. We first headed to Happy Hour at Fish bones to partake in half off Sushi and Margaritas.  Then Ash, myself, and Ashley's sister Amanda headed to Amway to sing and dance.   Our inner school girls came out at concert, and I had no voice the next few days.  This was easily one of the best concerts Ive been too, the men clearly know how to put on a show as the sang and danced for over 2 1/2 hours. Since the BSB are from Orlando and they were visiting their hometown, the decided to shower the crowd with a gift, they brought out Boys II Men, we were in Heaven and the crowd went nuts.





Boy band explosion (NKOTB,BSB, Boys II Men)
Saturday wasn't really a vacay day but the Hubs and I went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.  We got to use the tickets I purchased on Living Social about a month ago, Two tickets for 9 dollars you can't really beat that with the way movie prices are these days.  The movie was great we actually really enjoyed it.  We have read all the books and seen all the movies, and it is really hard for the movies to do the books justice so we go in with pretty low expectations.  But they did really well with this one, it defiantly helped that they separated the last book into two movies.  Later that night we headed to a birthday party with some of his old high school buddies.  Momma and the hubs had a little a lot to much to drink and was feeling no pain that night till Sunday morning rolled around and we had to take care of two kids.  Whoops.  All was okay by lunch time when Chipotle made both of us feel much better. 

Monday the 25th of July was my actual birthday and we just stayed home and the Hubs cooked me dinner.  We waited till Thursday night to go celebrate when my mom could come up and watch the babies.  We went to a Brazilian steakhouse called iPanema, with some friends that he works with.  We were all in heaven all the food was delicious.  Since we were there on Thursday we got half off a pitcher of Sangria and Free dessert!! We pretty much had to be rolled out of the restaurant.  I had a great birthday "week" celebrating with friends and family.