Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

Well Kalen wants to be just like his dad (or anyone that does something cool and exciting that he can copy.) He mostly copies Michael but he doesn't discriminate.  He watches everything you do so closely and then tries to do what you just did.  This can be dangerous, he now can pull the back of the remote off to get to the batteries, open the xbox (while you are watching movies or playing games), flush the toliet (even if it didn't need to be flushed), and various other things around the house. He loves coping noises, but not actual words.  He knows that the container of parm, salt, and pepper need to be shaken to go on your food.  So anytime he finds one of those he shakes it over things, esp his food if we are at the table.  The other day I noticed he placed his flip flops which where in the living room by the front door where Mike and I keep ours. He also flip flops around with Michael's flip flops on and gets kind of frustrated when he can't go to fast in them, since they aren't exactly his size!  He also loves to close anything that will close, doors, cabinets, lids, etc.. I even hear him saying 'close it' as he does it, since I often ask him to close the fridge or other doors for me.  He pretty much just watches what you do once and he does it himself! Such a smart little mister, he has been coping us for a while but it is becoming more prevalent now. As you can see in this post.   He even helped put together my Ikea cabinet this weekend.
Yes that's where he placed his shoes, right next to mommy and daddies

Putting the cabinet together with dad

Climbing in to use the power tools

Pushing the button after dad showed him how

*Lucas One Month*

On Friday June 24th, Lucas turned one month old eeekkkk... Time is already flying by and I know Ill be planning his first birthday before I know it and he will be running around Kalen and being Mr. Independent just like Kalen!!! Ahhh make time stand still.  Lucas loves to be held which is and was the complete opposite of Kalen.  You could put Kalen down for hours and he was happy as a clam, you have to get really lucky to be able to hold Kalen for more than a minute and super lucky if he will actually sit next to you or on your lap for longer than a minute.  Currently the only time Kalen will be mister cuddles is when he is sick :(  So its nice to be able to hold Lucas and cuddle with him. 

Lucas is starting to get more control of his noodle (his head).  He won't really lay on the ground or in the pack in play on his belly (while awake) but he loves to lay on our chests and pick up his head and gander around the room.  He also rolls from his back to his sides to get a better look around.  He has been getting better at sleeping at night (I hope I'm not jinxing myself right now).  He has been going to sleep around 10 and waking up for a feeding any time between 3- 4:30.  Then he usually falls back asleep till 7:30ish.  When the hubs is home he gets up with the boys in the morning and lets me sleep till 10!!! Thank goodness I get some extra sleep on the weekends, thanks to my awesome hubby.  During the day it is a different story the little mister does not like to nap like normal one month olds.  He usually stays awake all morning till around 12 and falls asleep for 3-4 hours, which is actually nice since Kalen goes in for his nap at 12 too!! So momma gets a few hours to herself, and sometimes the whole house has nap time.  Then after his nap he pretty much stays awake till bedtime, he cat naps throughout the afternoon sleeping no longer than 15-30 mins at a time. 

Lucas' is starting to give us some SMILES!! They were just coming while he was sleeping, he must have been having some good dreams.  But, now when I talk or sing to him I get a smile!!! I just love baby smiles!
I have two little milkaholics!! Which is funny considering I do not care for milk and the hubs is lactose intolerant.  Kalen goes through a gallon of milk every 5-6 days and I cannot make enough Milk to keep up with Lucas.  He usually gets a formula bottle of around 4 ounces since I just can't keep up with him.  I have only been pumping since he would only feed off of one side, so it is just easier for me to pump both sides at once and feed him out of the bottle.  This is nice because other people are able to feed him, he doesn't have to be connected to me all day. 

Kalen seems to love his little bro, he is always trying to feed him or shove his Binky in his eye, nose mouth.  He also loves to give him kisses which have gradually turned in to what we call Noggins (from Nemo).  He will ever so softly place his head against Lucas' its actually pretty sweet and cute.  He even does it on his own sometimes.  If Lucas begins to cry Kalen runs up to wear he is to see whats wrong.  Sometimes he even gives him stuff to calm him down... including but not limited to the remote, goldfish, other food, his shoes, socks, Reggie's (the dog) toys, Kalen's toys, empty cups, Tupperware... you know the usual things a one month old would want to play with. 

Lucas and Dad on Father's Day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stationery card

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Family of Four

Our new Family Photo
Well its been a little crazy around here.  We went on our first road trip with two kids and a dog.  Holy massive amounts of crap!!! Everyone had their own bag (even the dog) plus the pack in play for Lucas to sleep in, and two strollers because we had not got all the parts to use our double stroller yet.  That all went in the back of the hubs truck.  Inside we had the diaper bag, snack bag, and the DVD player for Kalen with some movies.  Off we went to St.Cloud for the weekend, luckily its only about a hour and 45 min drive.  We had a super busy weekend ahead of us.  Friday we headed out to get Lucas' pictures taken, we weren't too happy with the pictures but we managed to get a couple of good ones.  Kalen was not to happy to be there and spent much of his time running around.  After pics we headed out to Ikea for some shopping.  I love Ikea but we often cannot get some of the things I want because we only had the accord and the items wouldn't fit.  But to my husbands my delight we now have a truck which allows for the bigger items! Yay.  Now I just need them put together.  We also hit up the outlets, where we purchased some new Jordans for Kalen.  He has a shoe collection that would rivial most womens.  He has so many we split them up so Lucas could have some of his own that were never worn by Kalen.  Saturday we had my niece's Baptism and then a nice lunch at Maggiano's.  So yummy!! Nothing is better than Family Style dinner with lots of leftovers to take home.  Then we spent the rest of the day swimming in the pool and hanging out.  Overall our weekend was super busy but lots of fun!!!

Lucas- this picture is sitting right next to the one of Kalen

Kalen when he was first born


Mr. Bright Eyes

Sorry if this post is a little sloppy I was holding a sleeping Lucas!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Week in Review

Well I survived my first week two days at home alone with two boys.  I was by myself on Monday and Thursday, my mom was here Tuesday and Wednesday with me.  The hubs has off Fridays so we were going to drive up to Gainesville to get Lucas' pictures done but the place we get them done at is no longer at the Mall in Gainesville.  So now we are waiting till next Friday when we will be in Otown to get them done.

Kalen got a drum set for his birthday from Life with the Lacey's.  It's his Aunt Bridget and Uncle Matt.  The drum has a bunch of fun music instruments to play with.  Kalen is a one man band now!!

Shaving Time

Daddy giving me a fresh Shave

Kalen giving Lucas a Kiss

Time to get Crafting!!

So I have a list of crafts and other projects that I would like to get started on!! But I have some major problems.  I need lots of items that we don't have. 

Things I Need:

A. I need a sewing machine
B. I need to learn how to Sew

I need a saw

I need a nail gun (its just easier & quicker to use than a hammer and nails)

Other things include:
Super cute fabric
Spray paint
Other random craft supplies

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Mommy Two boys

Well Michael went back to work on Monday morning.  So I was on my own Sunday night and all day Monday.  Lucas decided he didn't want to go back to sleep till around midnight so I was up super late.  Prior to Sun night Michael had been staying up at night with Lucas so I could go to sleep around 10/10:30 to actually get some rest before he woke up for his first feeding.  Once he was asleep I curled up into bed for a good 3 hours before I was awoken by a hungry baby.  He only stayed up long enough to eat and fell back asleep.  Thank goodness then he awoke again around 6:30 for another feeding and fell back asleep.  I only slept a little bit longer and then Kalen was up.  So I got him breakfast and that was the end of short bursts of sleep.  With Kalen I could just nap when ever he would fall asleep because he was the only one, can't do that now since Kalen pretty much goes full force till his 3 hour nap and then is up again.  So I was hoping I would be able to maybe get an hour of nap when he went down.  Lucas had other plans he was wide awake for a good three hour stretch while Kalen was napping.  So no nap time for mommy.  Instead I got a few loads of laundry done and the dishes.  So at least Lucas made me productive.  The day went pretty smoothly and I had survived the 2 on 1 coverage. 

My mom came down Tuesday morning so I could go to the Dr with just Lucas.  I am not ready to brave going out with both of them alone.  After Lucas' Dr appt he fell asleep which allowed me to do some shopping in Ocala.  YAY!! It was also nice having my mom here because the hubby and I got to have a date night, dinner and a movie.  We headed to Outback where I got my first Margarita in 10 months!!! It was so delicious and much deserved.  We saw Pirates in 3D, where we were the only people laughing at Captain Jacks facial expression and gestures.  I just don't see how people were not laughing.  Overall I enjoyed the movie I wasn't to excited to see it in 3D I feared a massive headache but it wasn't bad, I think because it was actually filmed in 3D rather than being turned into 3D after the fact. 

Today, Wednesday I took Kalen to lunch at Olive Garden while my mom watched Lucas.  I met up with Stephanie and her son Aidan and Mollie.  We were having a great lunch until Kalen hit his threshold and was ready for his nap.  He no longer wanted to be in his high chair and he did not want any part of his food, my mom would eat his pizza since he did not eat any of it. I got my check and was ready to head out I was gathering all of our stuff and Kalen was sitting in the chair eating a mint, when he decided to do a flip off the chair and ended up laying on his back on the ground.  So even more screaming ensued.  I quickly got out of there I'm sure our waitress was super happy she had our table.  He barely made it out of the parking lot before he passed out.  He is now sleeping soundly in his crib and we are about to hit the 3 hour mark so I am sure I will be hearing his voice soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And there went the First week...

Well it has been a week since we welcomed Lucas into our crazy family.  It sure has been a crazy week for us, going from one little mister to two.  Kalen seems to be adjusting to the new mister, he has been getting a little more mischievous lately but we figure he would be like that without Lucas.  He recently figured out how to climb on all of our furniture so we are constantly telling him to sit on the couch not stand, as he tries to run and walk across the couch.  He is also getting his third molar so he has been a bit fussy with that and has not been eating as well, we figured it probably hurts to chew so we have been trying to give him softer foods. 

Lucas is doing great, I go to the Doc tomorrow to get his weight checked and to make sure his jaundice has completely passed.  He was losing a little more weight than the Dr liked.  He is eating and pooping like a champ now.  He hadn't been pooping for about two days so the Dr wanted me to supplement with formula for a few days to get him pooping and help the billirubin pass through his system.  He waits until he has a fresh diaper to do his business, it never fails we change his diaper and a good 5-10 minutes pass and BAM!!! The hubs has been a super help at night time.  I pump before I go to sleep around 10 and he stays awake with him till around 11 and feeds him what I pumped and then puts him in the crib.  Lucas then usually wakes up around 2/2:30 for a feeding and stays awake for about two hours, which stinks and hopefully he starts to just eat and fall back asleep.  Then he wakes at about 7:30 for a feeding and falls back asleep for an hour or so.  So other than the 2 hour awake gap till about 4 he is doing pretty good.  When he is awake he is very alert, always looking around and studying our faces, he seems much more alert than Kalen did at a week old. 

Kalen loves to play outside, and Summer has hit in full force here in Florida so it has been a little harder to stay outside because it gets so hot.  He has a water table that is a pirate ship so we have been filling that up for him to play in to keep him cool while we are outside.  I try to sit in the shade so I don't over heat.  We are going to get him a little kiddie pool sometime soon, which I am sure he will love. 

Yesterday the hubs decided to wash all the pollen off his truck and our little copycat Kalen was there to help.  He watches you do something one time and then he does it, it is rather funny to watch.  He especially loves to copy his dad. 
Some pictures

Love little feet

First Bath

Rinsing off the Truck

Getting the Sponge

A little Soapy and soaked

Lucas and I hanging out in the shade

Kalen is so proud that he climbed in the Rocker