Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

Well Kalen wants to be just like his dad (or anyone that does something cool and exciting that he can copy.) He mostly copies Michael but he doesn't discriminate.  He watches everything you do so closely and then tries to do what you just did.  This can be dangerous, he now can pull the back of the remote off to get to the batteries, open the xbox (while you are watching movies or playing games), flush the toliet (even if it didn't need to be flushed), and various other things around the house. He loves coping noises, but not actual words.  He knows that the container of parm, salt, and pepper need to be shaken to go on your food.  So anytime he finds one of those he shakes it over things, esp his food if we are at the table.  The other day I noticed he placed his flip flops which where in the living room by the front door where Mike and I keep ours. He also flip flops around with Michael's flip flops on and gets kind of frustrated when he can't go to fast in them, since they aren't exactly his size!  He also loves to close anything that will close, doors, cabinets, lids, etc.. I even hear him saying 'close it' as he does it, since I often ask him to close the fridge or other doors for me.  He pretty much just watches what you do once and he does it himself! Such a smart little mister, he has been coping us for a while but it is becoming more prevalent now. As you can see in this post.   He even helped put together my Ikea cabinet this weekend.
Yes that's where he placed his shoes, right next to mommy and daddies

Putting the cabinet together with dad

Climbing in to use the power tools

Pushing the button after dad showed him how

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