Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And there went the First week...

Well it has been a week since we welcomed Lucas into our crazy family.  It sure has been a crazy week for us, going from one little mister to two.  Kalen seems to be adjusting to the new mister, he has been getting a little more mischievous lately but we figure he would be like that without Lucas.  He recently figured out how to climb on all of our furniture so we are constantly telling him to sit on the couch not stand, as he tries to run and walk across the couch.  He is also getting his third molar so he has been a bit fussy with that and has not been eating as well, we figured it probably hurts to chew so we have been trying to give him softer foods. 

Lucas is doing great, I go to the Doc tomorrow to get his weight checked and to make sure his jaundice has completely passed.  He was losing a little more weight than the Dr liked.  He is eating and pooping like a champ now.  He hadn't been pooping for about two days so the Dr wanted me to supplement with formula for a few days to get him pooping and help the billirubin pass through his system.  He waits until he has a fresh diaper to do his business, it never fails we change his diaper and a good 5-10 minutes pass and BAM!!! The hubs has been a super help at night time.  I pump before I go to sleep around 10 and he stays awake with him till around 11 and feeds him what I pumped and then puts him in the crib.  Lucas then usually wakes up around 2/2:30 for a feeding and stays awake for about two hours, which stinks and hopefully he starts to just eat and fall back asleep.  Then he wakes at about 7:30 for a feeding and falls back asleep for an hour or so.  So other than the 2 hour awake gap till about 4 he is doing pretty good.  When he is awake he is very alert, always looking around and studying our faces, he seems much more alert than Kalen did at a week old. 

Kalen loves to play outside, and Summer has hit in full force here in Florida so it has been a little harder to stay outside because it gets so hot.  He has a water table that is a pirate ship so we have been filling that up for him to play in to keep him cool while we are outside.  I try to sit in the shade so I don't over heat.  We are going to get him a little kiddie pool sometime soon, which I am sure he will love. 

Yesterday the hubs decided to wash all the pollen off his truck and our little copycat Kalen was there to help.  He watches you do something one time and then he does it, it is rather funny to watch.  He especially loves to copy his dad. 
Some pictures

Love little feet

First Bath

Rinsing off the Truck

Getting the Sponge

A little Soapy and soaked

Lucas and I hanging out in the shade

Kalen is so proud that he climbed in the Rocker


  1. aw I like all the photos. They are cute, especially the one of Lucas's feet. Sounds like you two have been busy with the little ones. Kalen seems to be getting smarter since he is starting to copy whatever someone does. I wish summer would hit California in full force already!! It's still in the 60's with wind. Okay..I lied..some days we actually make it to 70-73. Lol!

  2. Okay, Just wanted to let you know that the packages are going to be sent in two different shipments. It's said the first estimated delivery is between june 13-17 (Lucas's baby gift) and second shipment june 9-13 (Kalen's Bday gift).

  3. New fellow babymama follower from the weekend hop...

    How amazing are you to be blogging with a week old? Seriously, it took me a year. Sigh.

    He is lovely - congrats!!!


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