Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Ride

I had been driving both kids around in a Honda Accord.  It works great for just toting them all around.  However the stroller takes up most of the trunk so when we go to the Big City (Ocala) and do our weekly shopping the trunk fills up fast and some stuff gets put in the back seat.  We had been talking about getting a bigger vehicle for awhile now.  Just to make everything easier.  We visit both our families pretty often, so when we pack up the car it gets pretty tight.  There is also no way to have anyone else ride with us unless they feel like squishing between the car seats.  I have done this a few times and it isn't that bad for short hauls. 

So this past Friday I headed to Ocala with the boys and did some shopping at Target.  I needed a new big Tupperware so I could put all the boys winter clothes in.  I got out to the car and thought "Okay here goes."  It was not a problem at all to get the Tupperware in the trunk.  So I went off to the next stop, where I would need the stroller.  So I had to take out the Tupperware, then the stroller, put the Tupperware back in.  Then repeat to put the Stroller back.  Needless to say I was cursing the trunk. Meanwhile the Hubs is in Vegas for business and he is getting texts from me about needing a bigger car.

So I looked online and found a few cars I liked and we decided to go out and look.  Well we found a used GMC Acadia SLT.  I love it!!! It has leather and a bunch of other upgrades.  What I loved most was the 2nd row of seats are captains chairs.  So If anyone wants to ride with us it is super easy to get into the 3rd row.  You can just walk through.  No need to take out the car seats so we can fold down the row or trying to climb over to get in the back.  There is so much room, the captains chairs move so we can make more leg room in the 3rd row as well!! I also love the fact it is Blue!!
GMC Acadia SLT

Big Booty- Yes that is my tag... it was my nickname in college, my maiden name was Ballard and I refuse to let it go! haha
Car seats in the Captains Chairs and the 3rd row
We also had both kids with us while car shopping and the dealership we got the Acadia from was supper nice and pretty much let the kids take over.  They got balloons, Kalen helped print our papers out, and they pretty much toured every office there.  I was so greatful that not one person rolled their eyes at the boys playing in their offices.

Easter 2012

Well this post is a little late! But better late than never.  We had a great Easter full of dying eggs, egg hunts, yummy food, and family.  We had already went on an Easter Egg Hunt a week before.  So Easter weekend we just hung out and had nice family time.  We dyed Easter Eggs early Saturday morning and Kalen had a blast doing this.  By the end he hands and arms were a nice shade of Blue.  He felt it was best to place the egg in the "color bath" and then remove it multiple times with his hands. 

Sunday morning we woke up to a visit from The Easter Bunny, we had lots of fun stuff in our baskets.  The boys dived into their baskets and then wandered the living room to find Easter Eggs!!  Reggie quickly decided this is his favorite Holiday.  He was getting treats all day.  As soon as one of the kids opened an egg out popped a few treats for him.  Later that day we had a nice Easter lunch/Dinner and headed on home.  We had a great weekend!!

Kalen's on the left, Lucas' on the Right

Wow!! Look at this!!

More Cars!!!! YES!!!

Kalen found the first Easter Egg

Reggie found one too!!

Lucas Finally got one

Lucas' 1st Easter!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunny 2012

Our visit with the Easter Bunny went great!!! Kalen walked right up to him to get in his lap and Lucas loved him too!! Lucas was all smiles sitting on the Easter Bunnies Lap.  They were such cuties even though Kalen refused to wear his tie!
Official Lucas and the Easter Bunny

Official Lucas and Kalen with the Easter Bunny

Lucas loved him!!!

Kalen loved him too


This past Saturday we headed out to Crystal River to go to the Eggstravaganza! They had a few egg hunts for the different age groups and other activities for the kids to do and some local shopping for the parents.  We got their early enough to sign in and let Lucas do his Egg Hunting with the "Crawlers".  He was so cute collecting his eggs.  He wasn't sure what to do, but he got an egg open and was a happy camper, it was filled with Gold Fish.  Kalen was excited too, luckily Lucas is nice enough to share!

While we waited for Kalen's age group to start (1-3yr olds).  Kalen enjoyed playing on a Fire Truck, He tried with all his might to push and pull the truck.  Crazy Little man! We finally got all lined up for Kalen's turn and we went towards the back where there wasn't a bunch of kids lined up.  There were at least 50 eggs right in front of us. So when the kids finally get the go ahead, Kalen takes off towards the middle of the area, grabs a couple of eggs, throws them in his basket, drops his basket and then books it.  We had no idea where he was going.  Clearly he thought he was in The Hunger Games and ran as far away from the middle as he could.  He then would grab random eggs while running and chuck them!! Well as Kalen is having the time of his life running around kids keep walking by and checking out his basket.  This little girl walks over looks in his basket, meanwhile her mother is standing a few parents away from me and starts yelling at her girl to take the Eggs!! Seriously! She was cheering on her daughter to steal Kalen's eggs! "Take those Eggs", were her exact words!! I was in complete shock, way to be teaching your child to steal from other kids.  I didn't say anything to her she had other kids with her and I'm not sure I would have used child friendly language.  After all the eggs were found they were trying to get all the kids out of the area, so they could start setting up for the next group.  Well Kalen was the lone kid in the middle running circles around a tree, so I guess he won his version of The Hunger Games! 
He finally makes it back to us with his basket, he had no eggs, but I'm pretty sure he had the most fun out there.  Luckily his friend Stover collected a bunch of eggs and shared some with Kalen. 
Over all we had a great day!!
Kalen playing on the Slide

Lucas' first egg

Kalen and the Fire Truck

Kalen in the middle of the egg hunt

His abandoned basket

Stover sharing his eggs

Trying to get a picture of them both looking! ha

Inside the Fire Truck