Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Ride

I had been driving both kids around in a Honda Accord.  It works great for just toting them all around.  However the stroller takes up most of the trunk so when we go to the Big City (Ocala) and do our weekly shopping the trunk fills up fast and some stuff gets put in the back seat.  We had been talking about getting a bigger vehicle for awhile now.  Just to make everything easier.  We visit both our families pretty often, so when we pack up the car it gets pretty tight.  There is also no way to have anyone else ride with us unless they feel like squishing between the car seats.  I have done this a few times and it isn't that bad for short hauls. 

So this past Friday I headed to Ocala with the boys and did some shopping at Target.  I needed a new big Tupperware so I could put all the boys winter clothes in.  I got out to the car and thought "Okay here goes."  It was not a problem at all to get the Tupperware in the trunk.  So I went off to the next stop, where I would need the stroller.  So I had to take out the Tupperware, then the stroller, put the Tupperware back in.  Then repeat to put the Stroller back.  Needless to say I was cursing the trunk. Meanwhile the Hubs is in Vegas for business and he is getting texts from me about needing a bigger car.

So I looked online and found a few cars I liked and we decided to go out and look.  Well we found a used GMC Acadia SLT.  I love it!!! It has leather and a bunch of other upgrades.  What I loved most was the 2nd row of seats are captains chairs.  So If anyone wants to ride with us it is super easy to get into the 3rd row.  You can just walk through.  No need to take out the car seats so we can fold down the row or trying to climb over to get in the back.  There is so much room, the captains chairs move so we can make more leg room in the 3rd row as well!! I also love the fact it is Blue!!
GMC Acadia SLT

Big Booty- Yes that is my tag... it was my nickname in college, my maiden name was Ballard and I refuse to let it go! haha
Car seats in the Captains Chairs and the 3rd row
We also had both kids with us while car shopping and the dealership we got the Acadia from was supper nice and pretty much let the kids take over.  They got balloons, Kalen helped print our papers out, and they pretty much toured every office there.  I was so greatful that not one person rolled their eyes at the boys playing in their offices.


  1. LOOOOVE the car and LOOOVE even more you still have the J BALLER license plate!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I just can't seem to part ways with the tag. I might just keep it so I can embarass the boys when they are older!! haha