Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Well this post is a little late! But better late than never.  We had a great Easter full of dying eggs, egg hunts, yummy food, and family.  We had already went on an Easter Egg Hunt a week before.  So Easter weekend we just hung out and had nice family time.  We dyed Easter Eggs early Saturday morning and Kalen had a blast doing this.  By the end he hands and arms were a nice shade of Blue.  He felt it was best to place the egg in the "color bath" and then remove it multiple times with his hands. 

Sunday morning we woke up to a visit from The Easter Bunny, we had lots of fun stuff in our baskets.  The boys dived into their baskets and then wandered the living room to find Easter Eggs!!  Reggie quickly decided this is his favorite Holiday.  He was getting treats all day.  As soon as one of the kids opened an egg out popped a few treats for him.  Later that day we had a nice Easter lunch/Dinner and headed on home.  We had a great weekend!!

Kalen's on the left, Lucas' on the Right

Wow!! Look at this!!

More Cars!!!! YES!!!

Kalen found the first Easter Egg

Reggie found one too!!

Lucas Finally got one

Lucas' 1st Easter!!


  1. Looks like fun! And Kalen's hair is ADORABLE!

    1. We did have fun!! I know I don't want to cut his hair. People are quite annoying about it always call him a girl, Im like would you actually look at what he is wearing? Why on God's Green earth would I dress a little girl like this??