Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Cards!!

I never was one to send out many cards. But, since having my son in Feburary that has changed. I had the great intention of putting my crafting skills to work and make my own Birth annoucements. But time flew by and then Kalen was home. So I went and found Shutterfly and they made it quick and painless to create an annoucement. I have been sending out various cards every couple of months and no one has made it easier than Shutterfly. Once you are on their website you choose a card and fill in the boxes with your own information and then move around you pictures. Shutterfly does the rest! So when it came time to pick out a Christmas card to send to all our family and friends I made my was straight over to Shutterfly! With so many styles and price points there is a card out there for everyone. I began to design mine and I have made two so far that I absolutly love and I'll be trying to decide between the two. I needed a card that allowed for multiple pictures so I started by clicking the cards that allowed for at least 3 pictures. The first template I used was the Snowflake Bliss card and Splendid Christmas tree! Snowflake Bliss is a simple Christmas card it is the perfect combanation of green and red with a Merry Christmas at the bottom. I also Love the Christmas Tree on the Splendid card it looks like someone stamped on the tree with a rubber stamp!

Here are a few links to help you find your Christmas card

Here is a link to make a Calendar!! Great Gifts- Everyone uses a Calendar might as well make it of your own pictures!!

Hope you enjoy making your own Christmas Card!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Finding Nemo

My wonderful husband, happens to have a great talent. He can draw and paint, his drawings are identical to the images he is looking at. We decided well before we got pregnant that we wanted our babies room to be Nemo themed. So when we bought our house we picked out paint color and he began working on Kalen's nursery. He first started drawing each of the characters. He is such a prefectionist that he thought he bite off way more than he could chew. But he kept on going and its absolutley amazing!!! While he was being an artist I put my handy man skills to use and put his crib and changing table together. Here are a few pictures

LIfe since Kalen

It's been a wonderful 8 weeks. There has been a lack of sleep, a messy house, and lots and lots of laundry and I wouldn't change a thing. We've had so many of our family and friends come and visit, Kalen is so loved. Michael and I have been on one date we went to Outback and saw Alice in Wonderland. We were only able to do so because my mom came down. Easter weekend she came down again to watch Kalen and Reggie so we could go to Boca for one of my sorority sisters wedding!! Which was nice to have a whole night and 9 hours in the car just the two of us.

Kalen has changed so much in just 8 weeks. He smiles and laughs and talks to everyone and everything.

He loves Nemo. Michael painted the finding Nemo characters on the walls of his nursery. Everytime we put Kalen on his changer he starts to smile, giggle, and talk to Nemo. He has also began talking to crush as well. The other day he was screaming and I set him on his changer and he saw Nemo and immediatley began and smiling and giggling at Nemo.
My little man has learned to roll over from his tummy to his back. Everyday is differnent and I can't wait to see what he does next!!

5 hours of fun

So I've neglected the blog world for quite some time, so i'll do a little catching up now. Well the reason I started this blog is finally here!!!! On Feburary 15, 2010, i gave birth to our wonderful son Kalen Cyrus Scibetta he came at 10:18 am and weighed in at 7lbs 10ozs!! He graced us with his presence a week early, which I was extremley grateful for since I was starting to get a little umcomfortable, and he probably would have been tipping the scales in the 8 lb range. I was also extremley thankful for his quick arrival.
I woke up on the 15th (monday) at about 5ish right after hubbys alarm went off and did my 15th trip to the bathroom. Then crawled back in bed and prayed I would fall back asleep, I was feeling great I hadn't had any contractions. No such luck, as I was trying to get comfy and bam my water broke (5:15 am) I got out of bed to tell michael he didnt need to get ready for work and there was the gush of water. Luckily I had been sleeping on a towel for the past week just in case. So out I run, fling open our bedroom door with a towel between my legs to tell michael it was time to go to the hospital. Off we went. We got to the hospital at 5:45, I was finally admitted at 6:15 after they did a few tests to make sure my water broke. I wasnt really having any contractions so if my water didnt break I was going to be sent home.
Let the fun begin. I was hooked up to the machines so they could monitor my blood pressure and the baby's heartbeat. Nothing like putting the most annoying contraption on a woman in labor. The blood pressure cuff went off every 5 mins, which it felt like they were going every min. Then I got my IV in, so now I'm connected to something else. Everyone leaves and now I have to go to the bathroom. Seriously how do I get there? I was handling the contractions pretty well and then I was given pitocin to make my contractions stronger. YAY!!! I was doing well, and then my mom asked the nurse to call to get my epidural, so I would be able to get some rest. I get the epidural and 20 mins pass and Im still in pain, so I start to tell myself that its working (trying to trick my mind). The nurse comes back and I tell her I still feel the contractions but that my legs were numb. Weird I thought. So she proceeds to check me and bam I was 9 1/2 cm and she could feel Kalen's head. So it was time to start pushing. I was holding my breath while pushing so they put me on oxygen. After about an hour of pushing, out comes Kalen at 10:18 am. Only 5 hours of labor, thank the lord. After two days in the hospital we get to come home!!

I wish all my friends that when the time comes that they have a nice short labor as I did.