Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Cards!!

I never was one to send out many cards. But, since having my son in Feburary that has changed. I had the great intention of putting my crafting skills to work and make my own Birth annoucements. But time flew by and then Kalen was home. So I went and found Shutterfly and they made it quick and painless to create an annoucement. I have been sending out various cards every couple of months and no one has made it easier than Shutterfly. Once you are on their website you choose a card and fill in the boxes with your own information and then move around you pictures. Shutterfly does the rest! So when it came time to pick out a Christmas card to send to all our family and friends I made my was straight over to Shutterfly! With so many styles and price points there is a card out there for everyone. I began to design mine and I have made two so far that I absolutly love and I'll be trying to decide between the two. I needed a card that allowed for multiple pictures so I started by clicking the cards that allowed for at least 3 pictures. The first template I used was the Snowflake Bliss card and Splendid Christmas tree! Snowflake Bliss is a simple Christmas card it is the perfect combanation of green and red with a Merry Christmas at the bottom. I also Love the Christmas Tree on the Splendid card it looks like someone stamped on the tree with a rubber stamp!

Here are a few links to help you find your Christmas card

Here is a link to make a Calendar!! Great Gifts- Everyone uses a Calendar might as well make it of your own pictures!!

Hope you enjoy making your own Christmas Card!!