Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucas at 10 Months

Oh my Littlest Mister is growing way too fast!! He turned 10 months on Saturday March 24th.
 He took his first steps on Feb 28th and has not stopped.  He seems to prefer to walk over crawling.  He walks as far as he can and then plops down.  He sometimes takes little breaks when he needs to go somewhere far.  He will stop halfway and hold onto whatever is near him and then continue on his journey.  I just can't believe he is walking so much already.  Kalen was just starting to walk at 10 months and Lucas is almost mastered it. Crazy

Lucas has also learned to wave.  He does not always do it when you say bye bye, but he is learning. 

I would say his favorite toys right now are cars, He loves to push them around and make the car noises, quiet loudly, if he is anywhere near you while he is playing with cars you can forgot hearing anything else.  He also loves his brother as long as Kalen isn't taking toys away for him. We can usually talk Kalen into giving him one of the toys he is playing with and Lucas appreciates it, until he wants to play with something else Kalen has. 
Little Mister is loving himself some Mickey Mouse right now.  He lets out a big squeal when he sees Mickey making his way to the Clubhouse.  So I can't wait to go to Disney and let him see Mickey in real life.  I'm sure he will love him just as much as Kalen did when he first met him.

Lucas is growing in length, not really weight.  He is now 29 1/4 inches and weighs 17 pounds 10 ounces.  I really don't understand how he stays so skinny.  He eats a massive Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and usually has a couple of snacks throughout the day and his bottles. Anything you put in front of him he shovels into his mouth.  But, he is really active, I guess he just burns off everything he eats.  He hardly ever sits still, always on the move to get close to his brother, Reggie, or The Hubs and I. 

Lucas is a very smiley dude.  He loves to laugh and smile at you.  He already knows if you tell him "No" to turn around and flash his smile.  Seriously where do kids learn this at such a young age?  I am pretty sure the little dude has some teeth trying to move in.  He has his 2 bottoms, 2 tops, and one of his top incisors.  He is constantly chewing on stuff.  Poor guy.

Showing off some of his chompers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!!

Shaking his locks


St. Patricks Day

Oh the days of going out all day to drink in support of a Holiday!! I enjoyed those days (not the following day), but they do not even begin to compare to my days now!  I enjoy everyday with my two little misters, who make me laugh and smile everyday. 
This past weekend marked St. Patrick's Day, I have a wincy bit of Irish in me, so I will gladly celebrate.  I use to go out to Irish Bars and have been to Savannah for the festivities.  I look forward to when we can go to Savannah as a family and celebrate, or even to Chicago and watch them turn the river Green (how fun!!)  I think they even do this in Tampa/St.Pete area, which would be a lot closer. 
This year we just played at the local park, watched some March Madness and went out to Gators for some Wings, Nachos, and plain non-green beer, and a stop at Mochi after.  We had lots of fun just hanging out and enjoying the hoops games.  Even though we didn't do anything to exciting we all wore our green, Kalen and The Hubs wore matching Green V-necks, while The Hubs and Lucas had on matching Jordans!! Mommy felt a tad left out of the twinies situations.
Here are some pics (of course I should have taken the pics before dinner, oh well)
Kalen added some nacho ingredients into his hair

Lucas Playing with a truck at dinner

Little Misters

Mommy and Lucas

Daddy and Lucas

Walking to the couch

Little Misters Playing

Kalen playing (he wouldn't let me get any pictures of him)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucas Taking Steps

I swear kids will be doing the most exciting thing ever and when you whip out a camera or video camera they refuse to perform cooperate.  Lucas has been letting go and taking steps toward whatever he wants for a little bit now, he took his first steps on Feb 28th.  He has taken at most about 6 or 7 steps before plopping down.  He will be stepping like a champ and the video camera Mommarazzi comes out and forget it.  Well I was waiting for a good video of him taking a decent amount of steps.  But if we wait for that he will be running.  So I am gonna give you a tiny glimpse of what the little man is up to.  When I say tiny, I mean it this video is 4 seconds!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Wreath

I wanted to make an Easter wreath but I didn't want to make one with just plastic eggs. So I decided I would buy some paper Easter grass and some bigger, fancier eggs to place on top.I bought all my supplies a few weeks ago and have been waiting to make my Easter Wreath.
For one I needed both kids to be a sleep since I was using a Hot glue gun and both kids love to pull on cords, not a good combo.  Secondly I was waiting till after Kalen's bday since his wreath currently hung on the door. 
Well I decided not to wait for the kids to be a sleep. I would just make it on the kitchen counter, it wouldn't take that long so I wouldn't mind standing.  This way there was no dangling cord. 

Making this was super easy and took about 20 minutes.  My kind of craft Quick and Easy!!

A wreath form- I used a 10 inch one
Easter Grass-  I used about a bag and a half
Plastic Eggs-  I found a pack of 6 in different colors with the clear beads all over them
Ribbon (If you do not use a wreath hanger)
                *I have a 3m hook upside down on the back of my door to hook the ribbon on to

My wreath

Added my Ribbon so it could Hang.  I just pinned the ribbon into the wreath

Add the grass.  I would just put hot glue down in a small section and then press the grass into it

The paper grass I used

I Hot Glued the Eggs and placed them how I wanted.  The one in the middle is hanging by a piece of Ribbon.  I just took a pin and attached the ribbon to the egg and then with another pin attached the ribbon to the wreath

Close Up of my eggs