Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Christmas Fun

We were quite busy this past weekend with some fun Christmas activities!! Friday night we headed to St. Augustine to have dinner and take the Holly Jolly Trolley Tour!! We had a great time at dinner eating at A1A Ale works which is a brewery in downtown St. Augustine overlooking the Bridge of Lions.  After our yummy dinner we headed out on the Trolley to enjoy the lights of St. Augustine and to see Santa.  We got special 3-d glasses to view the lights with (they make the lights all starry).  Well on these glasses there were coupons for B1G1 slice of fudge!! Who can pass up free fudge?!?  We hopped on and off at the various stops and even saw Santa.  This was Lucas' first year seeing Santa.  He thought the Jolly Old Man was pretty great! Kalen on the other hand is not a fan of being held and contained so he was mostly trying to escape Santa!

Gpa Erik and Kalen at Dinner

Lucas at Dinner

Our view from dinner

Another view

Riding the Trolley

Lucas with Santa

Both boys with Santa

Saturday we headed to my moms work where they had Snow in the Citi for all the families that worked there.  We started out eating breakfast while watching the Grinch.  Then we moved around doing various crafts, decorating Gingerbread Men, making gift bags, and writing letters to Santa.  We also had a round two of Santa, in which I only managed to take a picture of Santa's forehead when Kalen was sitting on his lap, Mommy Fail!! Afterwards we headed outside for S'mores and SNOW!!!

Making my Gingerbread Man


Hubs making His

Adding more candies

Nom Nom Nom

Kalen's letter to Santa- all he wants is red scribbles

Mailing his letter

Mommy Fail!!!

Lucas Checking out Santa


Going down the Slide


He got up and then tried to skip the line to go again
Somewhere in all this fun, we all managed to get sick!! Yuck, it should be gona by Christmas day, thankfully!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Fun!!


We have done a few things so far to celebrate Christmas and have a few more planned before the end of the month.  We started by going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas at Disney.  Kalen loved it, Lucas slept almost the whole time.  It was actually my first time experiencing Mickey's Very Merry, so I was having just as much fun.  They have a special Christmas parade and fireworks show for all to enjoy.  You also get unlimited Free Hot Chocolate, Snickerdoodle cookies, Apple juice, and apple slices.  Mike's mom and Aunt Terry found us a wonderful spot to watch the parade and held on to Lucas so we could take Kalen on some rides before the parade. This was great because there was no way Kalen would have not been a very happy camper sitting on main street for 2 hours waiting on the parade.  We first went on the Buzz Lightyear ride and then headed over to the speedway so Kalen could drive his first car, haha.  Good thing you have to wait till you are 16 to drive or else our cars would be totaled! ha Kalen is a very casual driver, letting go of the wheel whenever he feels like and not turning when you are suppose to.  Its a good thing the hubs was actually in control of the pedals!
We were going to head to some other rides, when I noticed that Goofy was in the building across from the Speedway so we went in.  It was a dance party!! At first Kalen wanted nothing to do with it and didn't want to be put down (a complete shock for me since he hates to be held). So we danced together by Goofy he finally let me put him down and he went straight up to Goofy to touch him.  But then Pluto came out and he left Goofy like he was chopped liver.  All he wanted was to be near Pluto, to was give him pets. Every once in a while busting out some awesome dance moves. Once we left the dance party it was almost time for the parade so we headed to get our Hot Choc and Cookies.
I loved the parade and Kalen seemed to enjoy it as well.  Of course Pluto was at the beginning parade and Kalen was doing everything in his power to bust free to run after him.  Didn't want to be those parents with a kid weaving in and out of the parade! ha It snows on Main Street the entire parade which is pretty cool.  It's so fun to watch kids expressions when they are watching something.  I love fireworks and its just as enjoyable to watch Kalen's face as the fireworks exploded as it is to see them myself.  There is so much wonder and excitement in his face, its just amazing.

Last night we went up to the State Park and walked around since they have a light display throughout the walkway and then headed down to the doc to see Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on a pontoon boat.  Kalen wasn't to excited, maybe next year, since he doesn't understand who Santa is yet. 

Mickey's Very Merry

Lucas Ready for Mickey's Very Merry

The best Fam photo

Our driver for the night

Good driving habits, NOT! Looking every which way

Dance Party

Petting Pluto

His dance moves got out of control he backed right into Goofy

Kalen dancing!!

So pretty!

I can't help but laugh!! He was mad because he couldn't run around

Lucas snuggled up with his Mimi

Snowing on Main Street

Watching the Parade

Lucas mesmerized by the bright lights of the Parade

All snuggled up

Kalen watching the fireworks

State Park 

Waiting on Santa to arrive

There he is getting off the boat

Mrs. Claus pinching Kalen's cheeks!! haha

Santa waiving at Kalen

Lucas is 6 Months!!

Well Lucas turned 6 Months on Thanksgiving day! Eeekk its Dec 11th! Oh well, Better late than never. We went to The Hubs parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  So Lucas had lots of fun playing with his big bro and his cousins.  My little man is growing up so fast! He started crawling at about 5 1/2 Months and he began to pull himself up to a standing position over the past few days!  Needless to say we lowered his crib today since every time we go in there to get him he is standing.  He has really gotten the hang of this whole crawling thing.  One minute he is by your feet then he is on the other side of the house in his or his brothers room.  Its actually amazing what we let Lucas do that Kalen didn't get to do.  Kalen was gated into the living room and playroom and was hardly ever let out to roam.  Now we have no gates up and Lucas is free to roam the whole house, so we make sure we check on him often.  There is no way we can put up the gates for Lucas because Kalen would freak no being able to go from his playroom to his room at a moments notice. He is also sitting up all on his own now!! So that meant he got to take a bath in the real tub!!

I swear Lucas might be the easiest baby to make laugh.  He spends most of his day laughing at his toys, brother, himself, or his parents.  All you have to do is look at him sometimes and out come a never ending string of giggles! Baby Laughs are the best, you can't help but laugh back when they laugh.

Th little mister loves to eat.  We started giving him the Gerber finger foods recently and he loves them! He has also started drinking water with a little bit of juice in it out of a sippy cup.  I'm not sure how much he is actually getting, but he is practicing using it and I'm sure he will be pounding juice like his brother in no time!

Lucas' stats for the month are that he weighs 15 pounds 7 ozs putting him right in the 50th percentile.  His height is 27 inches.  He had a slight growth spurt moving him from the 50th percentile (which he was at 4 months) in height to the 75th.
First bath in the Big Boy Tub

Thanksgiving, He has some minor boo boos on his eye.  :(

Crawling around

Brotherly love (Kalen thought he could wrestle Lucas)

Smile Bot

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Official Crawls!

After all his hard work Lucas put together all his moves and began to crawl today.  If he sees something he wants he crawls until he gets to it, very determined little mister!

A video of Lucas crawling towards Reggie!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crawling...you can't be serious!

Well Lucas has found a different mode of transportation other than rolling from one end of the living room to the other. He crawls!! Well it's mostly a variation of crawling in his attempt to figure out this whole thing called crawling. He has been getting on all fours for about a week now and starts to rock. Recently he has begun to move each leg in the crawling motion. He gets about three leg crawls in and stops. At this point he is usually close enough to what ever he wants and lunges himself at it. He also is pretty good at the inch worm method and army crawl (he is trying to impress his two uncles in the Marines, Tyler and Matt). I must say I'm pretty impressed at his army crawl. He lays there and puts one arm out in front and pulls his whole body forward. Maybe a future Navy seal with those awesomely sneaky moves! He doesn't get anywhere too fast, but I'm sure in no time he will get there. With his rocking back and forth he gets in some "frog hops" which are pretty funny. His biggest set back is slipping and not being able to get a good grip. His legs slide around from his pants. If I just leave him without bottoms his little knees get rug burn! :( I am pretty shocked he can do what he can since he is only 5 Months and his brother was about 7/8 months when he started attempting to crawl. But then again Kalen didn't have an awesome big bro to keep up with! Every now and then Kalen will start crawling all around Lucas, I guess to give him some pointers.
I'm sure our dog, Reggie is thinking great the big one chases me and tries to pick me up now the little one is crawling after me!!

Trying to Crawl while we were outside

Trying to get to Kalen

Lucas Rocking

                                            Lucas attempting to crawl with some Frog Hops

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Halloween is so much better now that I have wee ones to dress up and take to all the Halloween events. We started out the Holiday by going to a Pickin' Patch to get our pumpkins.
I will say trick or treating is a lot different from what I did as a kid. Maybe it's this small town I live in. But, kids do not really go door to door. There are neighborhoods in Ocala and out in Homossassa that have door to door but, that was a little far to drive for some candy. When Kalen and Lucas get older and really understand Trick or treating then we will probably take the trek out to a good neighborhood. But for this Halloween we enjoyed what our little town had to offer.
Sunday night we got the little mister's dressed up to go Trunk or Treating. There were a few available so we went to the one across the street at the Middle school and then to a friends church. For those who have never been Trunk or treating it is an event put on mostly by churches to provide a safe way to trick or treat. Many have it set up like a festival and have food , games, and bounce houses. All the cars line up and the people handing out candy Decorate the Trunk or truck bed and hand out candy. Some people are super creative and make getting the candy interactive. Kalen seemed to enjoy getting free candy. He wasn't to keen on saying "trick or treat" but most ppl got smiles and laughs out of him. His favorite was when people had their puppies with them. He gave every single dog pets!
Halloween night we headed into town for an event they call Trail of treaters. You start at the Chamber of Commerce and then Trick or Treat your way up and down the main street in town.  The various businesses pass out candy to all the trick or treaters.  After making our way to all the stops we headed to Sonic for .50 cent corndogs, the Halloween special.
Helping Gut the Pumpkin

Having a Taste... Nom Nom Nom

Lucas as Jack the Monkey
Kalen as Captain Jack Sparrow
Sweet Dreds

Our three pumpkins

Halloween Day

Trail of Treaters
Where's my candy?

Kalen and his friend Stover

Little Mister's First Halloween

Happy Halloween