Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Fun!!


We have done a few things so far to celebrate Christmas and have a few more planned before the end of the month.  We started by going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas at Disney.  Kalen loved it, Lucas slept almost the whole time.  It was actually my first time experiencing Mickey's Very Merry, so I was having just as much fun.  They have a special Christmas parade and fireworks show for all to enjoy.  You also get unlimited Free Hot Chocolate, Snickerdoodle cookies, Apple juice, and apple slices.  Mike's mom and Aunt Terry found us a wonderful spot to watch the parade and held on to Lucas so we could take Kalen on some rides before the parade. This was great because there was no way Kalen would have not been a very happy camper sitting on main street for 2 hours waiting on the parade.  We first went on the Buzz Lightyear ride and then headed over to the speedway so Kalen could drive his first car, haha.  Good thing you have to wait till you are 16 to drive or else our cars would be totaled! ha Kalen is a very casual driver, letting go of the wheel whenever he feels like and not turning when you are suppose to.  Its a good thing the hubs was actually in control of the pedals!
We were going to head to some other rides, when I noticed that Goofy was in the building across from the Speedway so we went in.  It was a dance party!! At first Kalen wanted nothing to do with it and didn't want to be put down (a complete shock for me since he hates to be held). So we danced together by Goofy he finally let me put him down and he went straight up to Goofy to touch him.  But then Pluto came out and he left Goofy like he was chopped liver.  All he wanted was to be near Pluto, to was give him pets. Every once in a while busting out some awesome dance moves. Once we left the dance party it was almost time for the parade so we headed to get our Hot Choc and Cookies.
I loved the parade and Kalen seemed to enjoy it as well.  Of course Pluto was at the beginning parade and Kalen was doing everything in his power to bust free to run after him.  Didn't want to be those parents with a kid weaving in and out of the parade! ha It snows on Main Street the entire parade which is pretty cool.  It's so fun to watch kids expressions when they are watching something.  I love fireworks and its just as enjoyable to watch Kalen's face as the fireworks exploded as it is to see them myself.  There is so much wonder and excitement in his face, its just amazing.

Last night we went up to the State Park and walked around since they have a light display throughout the walkway and then headed down to the doc to see Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on a pontoon boat.  Kalen wasn't to excited, maybe next year, since he doesn't understand who Santa is yet. 

Mickey's Very Merry

Lucas Ready for Mickey's Very Merry

The best Fam photo

Our driver for the night

Good driving habits, NOT! Looking every which way

Dance Party

Petting Pluto

His dance moves got out of control he backed right into Goofy

Kalen dancing!!

So pretty!

I can't help but laugh!! He was mad because he couldn't run around

Lucas snuggled up with his Mimi

Snowing on Main Street

Watching the Parade

Lucas mesmerized by the bright lights of the Parade

All snuggled up

Kalen watching the fireworks

State Park 

Waiting on Santa to arrive

There he is getting off the boat

Mrs. Claus pinching Kalen's cheeks!! haha

Santa waiving at Kalen

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