Sunday, May 29, 2011

*Lucas Michael Scibetta*

Lucas Michael Scibetta made his way into the world on May 24th, 2011 at 9:55 am he weighed 7 pounds 15 ozs and was 20.5 inches long. 

After my awful experience with the mean nurse on Saturday I was glad to see Lucas decided to stay put till the weekend was over so we didn't have to deal with her again.  Well it all started Monday night Michael, my mom, and myself were just watching some TV when I felt a slight pop so I stood up and out trickled some water.  So I told Mike it was time to go because my water had broken.  This time was much different than when my water broke with Kalen, I had soaked a whole towel when I stood up.  This time I just got my underwear and shorts slightly wet.  So off we headed to the hospital.  As with Kalen I had no contractions before my water broke and I did not have any on the way to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital we were put into a labor room and they needed to check to make sure my water had actually broken and I didn't just pee myself.  So they did the test with the paper and it started to turn blue, but when the nurse checked me she said my waters was still intact.  So now everyone was baffled.  So they did a second test to send to the lab, this one was more reliable.  It had come back positive for amniotic fluid, so I was officially admitted.  Apparently after the initial leakage Lucas plugged the hole with his head, hence I still had my bag of waters since it couldn't fully drain. 

I was officially admitted around 10 pm at 6 cm dilated.  They called the Dr to see what he wanted to do, since I was still not having contractions and my water had broken around 8:30 pm.  He wanted to let nature take it course instead of putting me on Pitocin (although my hubby and I knew nothing would happen).  We figured the Dr just did not feel like coming in at 2 in the morning to deliver the baby.  Fast forward through the night I had sporadic contractions but I could not feel them we just knew they were happening because the monitor would show them (I figure they were just braxton hicks). 

Finally in the morning they decided to start pitocin since I did not dilate and did not have any contractions (we knew this was going to happen since this happened with Kalen).  They had the switch over of nurses from night to day shift and I got the most wonderful nurse Tracey.  My night nurses were great too, but they did not really do anything.  Tracey had a nursing student that was following her around that day as well.  I decided to go ahead and get my epidural since they were putting me on pitocin, with Kalen I almost did not get the epidural in time I was 9 1/2 cm when I got it, If I had known that then I wouldn't have gotten it.  But I knew with pitocin I would progress quickly and if I didn't ask for it now I might not be able to get it.  So by 8:45am I had my epi and my pitocin drip.  While I received my epi my wonderful nurse Tracey was giving me a shoulder massage!! She came back around 9:40am to check on me and asked me to tell her if I was feeling any pressure and I said I was at the end of contractions and I would feel the pressure in my bottom.  So she checked and said we were ready to have a baby.  I was instructed not to move at all and try not to push when I felt the pressure again.  She called to have my midwife Jackie get to the hospital ASAP.  So everyone got prepared and once Jackie showed up she barely had anytime to get all her stuff ready. 

At about 9:50am they said I was ready to push.  Another nurse said she was going to push my legs toward my chest before I pushed as she did that Lucas' head came out, I hadn't even pushed yet!! They had to suction out his nose and mouth and then I pushed his shoulders out and he was all the way out at 9:55am!! The nurses couldn't believe how quick everything happened.  As mike and I said if they would have put me on the pitocin when we arrived we would have had Lucas Monday night.  But now Lucas shares a birthday with his Grandpa Scibetta!!! Since we hadn't decided on a middle name yet it became Michael, which is only fitting since that is his Grandpas name and they share a Bday now.

After Lucas was born I was able to move around much better than the first time.  I did not need stitches which made moving around so much easier.  We had both our families visiting in the hospital to meet Lucas.    Kalen was not to sure of him but he gave him some pets and even a few kisses.  Life is defiantly more crazy now but we wouldn't change it.  I'm sure it is only going to get crazier as the boys grow up. 

Meeting his Little Brother Lucas

Giving Lucas a Kiss

Proud Papa

Me and the Big Brother, Kalen

Our Crazy Family

Sunday, May 22, 2011

38 Weeks

Well the past week we have thought the little mister #2 was going to enter the world at any time.  Now I just think he is going to wait till his due date, which is fine.  Last Thursday, the 12th, I was checked at my Drs appt and to every ones surprise I was 3-4 cm dilated and about 70 % effaced.  I had had any contractions, just a few braxton hicks here and there.  So the Dr was sure I wasn't going to make it very much longer.  Well a week later I was back for my next appt and when I was checked I was 5-6cm dilated, still hadn't had any pain or contractions. I was once again told I doubt you will make it through the weekend and the Dr said I could have been admitted and put on pitocin but did not want to interfere since I was already dilating with no contractions and I wasn't in pain.  So home we went thinking okay baby will be here anytime and we were told not to leave the area since I could go into active labor at any time.  So the hubby said I was inactively in active labor, since most women are already at the hospital at 5cm.

This is a little TMI... But,  The next Day, Saturday, we were just going about our day as usual until I went to the bathroom and noticed I had blood dripping out and it just kept coming out.  So we decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out.    When we got there we went up to get evaluated.  The nurse that took me back was very skeptical of everything I was telling her.  I had to pee in a cup and she came back to tell me that yes there was blood in my urine... well thank you I already knew that.  She hooked me up to the monitors and began watching the baby and seeing if I was having contractions.  She asked me when I was checked last and I told her the day before in the morning and I told her that the Nurse that checked me said I was 5-6cm.  She immediately was asking who checked me bc she never heard of her and the way the nurse was talking clearly indicated that she in no way thought I was actually dilated and that the nurse that checked me was dumb.  She told me I didn't look like I was in labor and thought that I was probably not as dilated. (I never said I was in labor lady, we came bc I was Bleeding a lot and wanted to make sure everything was ok)So she went to check me and you could tell on her face that she was shocked, she said well I will put down that you are 5.5cm (so basically the lady the day before was right).  The bleeding was just my cervix ripening, so it wasn't really a big deal.  She then asked if I had been having contractions at all and I said I didn't believe so because nothing was painful I would just feel my stomach tightening.  Every once in a while one would cause a dull ache.  She then made a crack well you had a baby before so you have to know exactly what a contraction feels like and you clearly haven't had any with this one.  I told her that my water broke with my first and was put on pitocin because I wasn't having contractions.  Pitocin contractions are way more intense than if I was having them on my own, So I thought maybe I was having them and I was just comparing them to the ones on pitocin.  So she said I would just irritate my uterus and that was causing it to tighten.

She told me that my Dr and His midwife were not on call that weekend so she would have to call the Dr he left in charge, who was from another practice, to see what he wanted to do.  In the meantime she left us and then brought me a Popsicle and some juice, which was nice or her, considering she had been rude to us the whole time.  So hubby and I talked and I was hoping that I could just go home.  1st I didn't want this lady as my nurse while I was delivering a baby and I was not having any contractions, so I didn't want to just lay in the hospital bed waiting I would rather go home.  So the Dr on call said he was fine with me leaving.  So we went and had dinner and headed home. 

So I am now just convinced I am going to my due date and maybe my body may not fully contract on its own.  So we sit here waiting... and I am just glad I haven't been in any pain yet or having contractions while I am at home.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A day at the Zoo

This past weekend we went up to Jacksonville to go to the Kenny Chesney concert and we decided to stay the whole weekend.  On Saturday morning we headed out to the Zoo so Kalen could see all the animals.  He loved the Bronx Zoo this past summer.  He was very interested in all the animals, calling every animal we saw Eggie- which is how he says Reggie's name.  We first walked through and saw some monkeys and then we headed over to the Giraffe's, which he loved.  We paid a couple bucks to be able to feed the Giraffe's, clearly he thought he was just feeding a larger version of our dog because as soon as we handed him the lettuce he was holding it out for the Giraffe.  After visiting a few more animals he began to get a little restless so we headed to the Children's part of the Zoo to play in the Splash Park and pet the goats.  He absolutely loved the Splash Park he was running all around.  He got pretty upset when we took him out.  He sure is a water baby.  Then we went and bothered the poor goats, although they didn't seem to mind.  Kalen quickly found his favorite, one the was laying on the ground eating and he decided to sit right next to him and give him lots of pets.
Some pictures from the Zoo

Feeding the Giraffe

Probably his fav part of the day

His new best friend

Trying to take his food

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was such a fabulous day.  The morning started off with me sleeping in (although my hubby is amazing and always lets me sleep in on the days he is home).  Then my hubby made Kalen and I pancakes, which were delicious! Then we spent the next hour and half playing outside, it was so nice outside, not to hot and we had a really nice breeze.  Then Kalen's gift to Mommy was a three hour nap, which I took advantage of by taking a 2 hour nap myself.  Then we headed out to dinner at Outback, and I treated myself to their waffle strawberry shortcake, which was absolutely amazing.  I'm pretty sure I ate 75% of it, but who cares its my day and I'm 9 months pregnant.  Our night ended by playing in the living room till Kalen's bedtime.  He was being such a little love bug last night.  I asked him for a kiss and he ran from the other side of the room to give me one, just made my heart smile! Then he would run back and forth between the hubs and I giving us Kisses and hugs!! So sweet
Now some pics from the day

He was so fascinated by this ant, he chased him everywhere till he accidently killed him

Riding in the Wagon with Daddy

Playing corn hole

He wants to be Thor when he grows up

At dinner

Ending the night with some hoops
I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day with their own kids, Furkids, or their moms!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Molars

Oh my Poor Kalen!! We have been seeing a tiny white speck of a tooth trying to come in for a week or two now on the bottom.  Well the tooth has finally decided to come on through and its one of his molars.  It seems to be bothering him much more than his other teeth did.  I guess that is to be expected it is bigger and does have to break through more of his gums that his front teeth did.  On top of the Molar coming in he has another Molar busting in at the same time on the top and they are both on the same side.  Yikes.  At least his teeth seem to come in pairs or trios.  I think it would stink to have them come in one at a time.  More pain for longer periods of time. 

More exciting oh crap news with Kalen! He has mastered climbing out of the containment area we have set up.  I guess I am going to have to break down and get the rest of the actual fencing in equipment to keep him in the living room and play room.

Here are some fun pictures of the Little Mister at dinner last night
Dipping his french fry into the Chocolate Pudding (The peaches got dipped too)

So proud of himself

I didn't make this mess!! (There was actually more pudding on the table, we cleaned most of it up before the pic)

He has this fasination with dipping his french fries into condiments.  He was dipping them into my ranch before he got dessert. So naturally the pudding was next. I mean who doesn't dip and redip their french fries in pudding.   There was pudding everywhere, he had it in his ears, back of his neck, the shirt had giant globs of pudding all over it, and the highchair was covered as well.  Needless to say our table was out of napkins and wetnaps when we left.  But we didn't make the waitress clean it up!