Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Molars

Oh my Poor Kalen!! We have been seeing a tiny white speck of a tooth trying to come in for a week or two now on the bottom.  Well the tooth has finally decided to come on through and its one of his molars.  It seems to be bothering him much more than his other teeth did.  I guess that is to be expected it is bigger and does have to break through more of his gums that his front teeth did.  On top of the Molar coming in he has another Molar busting in at the same time on the top and they are both on the same side.  Yikes.  At least his teeth seem to come in pairs or trios.  I think it would stink to have them come in one at a time.  More pain for longer periods of time. 

More exciting oh crap news with Kalen! He has mastered climbing out of the containment area we have set up.  I guess I am going to have to break down and get the rest of the actual fencing in equipment to keep him in the living room and play room.

Here are some fun pictures of the Little Mister at dinner last night
Dipping his french fry into the Chocolate Pudding (The peaches got dipped too)

So proud of himself

I didn't make this mess!! (There was actually more pudding on the table, we cleaned most of it up before the pic)

He has this fasination with dipping his french fries into condiments.  He was dipping them into my ranch before he got dessert. So naturally the pudding was next. I mean who doesn't dip and redip their french fries in pudding.   There was pudding everywhere, he had it in his ears, back of his neck, the shirt had giant globs of pudding all over it, and the highchair was covered as well.  Needless to say our table was out of napkins and wetnaps when we left.  But we didn't make the waitress clean it up!


  1. My husband and I always call the tip we live in a restaurant "combat pay"! It is amazing how such little people can be so messy! Teething is not fun, it's been a while since I have been there but I remember! Actually my six year old is cutting his six year mollars and he has been sucking his thumb again to relive the pain! Good luck with the fencing in!! They can be so creative when they want to get out! Fun post! Take care!

  2. Kathy- we always try to pick up most of the mess bc I feel bad. He was getting a little less messy for a while but that has changed! Yes I'm sure as soon as I put up gates he will look at them and quickly be on the other side.