Monday, February 28, 2011

My Son is Growing Spots!! EEEKk

For breakfast this morning I made Kalen a bowl of Oatmeal with Milk (He hasn't been drinking milk out of a sippy cup so I figured this would be a good way for him to get it). After breakfast he starts to play and he immediately wants to crawl on the couch and sit with me, this is odd for the morning.  When I pull him up I notice he has red spots on his neck so I lift up his shirt and they are all over his stomach. I begin to think he is having an allergic reaction to either the Milk or the Oatmeal.  So I call the Pediatrician to talk to them about it.  Of course they want me to come in, but I have no car today, the hubby has it and I only have the Jeep.  So I was told to just watch Kalen and if the rash gets worse or he starts to swell call 911.
        I am now trying to get a hold of my hubby who is no where to be found at work.  I have called his desk and cell phone and now am trying to figure out what to do.  Finally I find his pager number (yes his work still has these), and I begin paging him.  While I am waiting for his call I am getting dressed preparing myself to have to call 911 and take an ambulance ride to the hospital.  He finally calls me back after an hour and half of trying to get a hold of him and he says he will come home so I can take Kalen to the Dr.  By the time Hubby gets home Kalen's rash is now on his face all over his nose and mouth and on his arms and legs. 
      So I head to the Dr, which of course I manage to make it just in time to find out everyone has left for lunch.  So now I am stuck strolling around Target, which is extremely dangerous.  I also have a cranky son who has not napped yet with me.   Finally its 1 and the Dr's are all back from lunch.  We see the Dr and he said his rash is not consistent with a food allergy (Thank God)  He actually thinks Kalen was having a reaction to his set of 1 yr old shots (the reaction apparently can take up to 10 days to appear).  I was told to be on the lookout for a fever and a few other symptoms within the next couple of days.  If any of those symptoms appeared Kalen most likely has some other ailment and would need to be checked out again.
    My poor little mister, I have never been so worried.  I felt so bad for him he can't talk to tell me whats wrong and I wouldn't let him nap in case his airwaves closed up while he was napping.  On a side note I think he might also have an intolerance to Milk which is why he won't drink it and he may have also had a bad tummy ache to go along with his spots.   

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are a few Personal Touches for Kalen's Party
Favors: Cupcakes In A Jar
I have seen these on a few blogs and thought they were a wonderful idea

Closeup of a few of the Jars
I made some Chocolate ones too but they were all gone

Some Alligator Cookies: There were #1s too

I made three giant #1 out of Pictures taken from his first year


We celebrated Kalen's 1st Birthday with our friends and family this past Saturday!! We had so much fun and it was so nice to have all the people that Love and care about our Little Mister there.  He is so spoiled and got so many wonderful toys to play with.  I had so much fun planning his party and everyone had a wonderful time!! It is still so crazy to think he is a year old already.
Playing with his new Wagon

Opening Presents


With Mommy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kalen's 1st Birthday!!

Last night we decided to go out to celebrate Kalen's birthday! We headed out to Outback (I mean this is really a dinner for me right, I carried him for a full 9 months and pushed him out, I deserve a treat). He did great at dinner, he enjoyed their yummy bread, some bloomin onion, chicken, and veggies.  After dinner we headed home so he could open one of his presents and then enjoy some cake.  He still does not quite get the opening of presents and it took him a little while to open it.  But after wards he enjoyed playing with it.  Then we headed to the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy some cake.  Overall I think Kalen had a great 1st Birthday and I am sure he is going to have a blast on Sat at his party!
Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy and Mommy

Opening his present


Birthday Boy with Daddy

Singing Happy Birthday


Kalen and Daddy with their matching Jordans

Birthday Bath


Kalen's Birthday Cake
Yesterday, Tuesday the 15th was Kalen's birthday! Yay!! We are having his party with family and friends this weekend.  However we obviously celebrated yesterday as well.  I baked him a cake from scratch and even made the icing.  I have never actually done either of those from scratch.  I love to bake and make many different sweets from scratch just never a cake.  It turned out pretty good the icing was a little too buttery so I am looking for a different butter cream icing recipe.  Overall it was a success and I am pretty proud of it! Kalen seemed to enjoy it as well.
Cake Batter

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Little Mister's Valentine's Breakfast
  It is hard to believe that a year ago I was 8 days away from my due date with Kalen.  The hubby and I were going to be spending our last Valentine's Day as a family of just us two.  So we spent the whole day together he started out by making me breakfast. We just spent time together as we knew this alone time would shortly be gone.  Later in the day we headed out to dinner.  We usually go to dinner super early on Valentine's Day so we do not have to wait forever.  But, Valentines fell on a Sunday so people packed the restaurants as soon as they opened.  We went to Outback and the wait was not to bad and when we finally got a table the manager came around and was handing out $10 off coupons off your next visit- because she felt bad for the wait! I expected the wait so this was a nice little extra.  The whole dinner I kept rubbing my belly and telling Kalen to just stay in there and let mommy and daddy have one last meal alone. -I know I was 8 days away but the week before when I went to the Dr I was already dialated and when I got checked on thursday I had a bulging bag of waters.  The midwife said she did not think I would make it through the weekend.  Hence the reason I was nicely asking Kalen to stay in just through our yummy dinner.  I coaxed him by telling him he was going to enjoy a nice steak and fully loaded baked potato.  He would only be getting Breast Milk for the next couple of months.  If I had the choice I would want to enjoy a nice steak too! 
Well we made it through dinner and a stop at Wal-Mart for a few items.  My little mister listened! YAY!!! He decided he no longer wanted to wait once the 15th came.
My Little Mister will be ONE tomorrow!!
I have no idea where the time went, but I have enjoyed every minute of it!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What to eat?

Everyday I try to make sure Kalen is getting great healthy meals.  He gets fruits and veggies at every meal and he loves them he eats them before he eats whatever protein I have placed on his plate.  His favorites are strawberries, Bananas, and blueberries.  He has not met a veggie he did not like, which is odd cause I am not a veggie eater at all, I know its bad.  I try to make sure he gets a protein for lunch too usually some kind of chicken.  For dinner he pretty much eats whatever we are having unless we are having something too spicy. 

I am in need of good/nutritious/quick options for lunch.  I do not want to spend forever making him lunch.  I usually steam some veggies on the weekend for the whole week.  I do not want to give him a lot of microwave options (corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken nugs, etc...) However I did find an amazing chicken nugget it is all white meat, breaded in whole grains, and baked-not fried.  I save these for the times when we are eating spicy or I have nothing else to give him.  I am trying to avoid the I will only eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs every night.  He does pretty well at eating whatever I cook for dinner and I hope it stays that way.  It makes it a lot easier, so I do not have to cook multiple meals. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Me Eat

I always laugh when I see parents turn away food for a child due to the mess factor.  Come on they are kids and need to eat!  We all have to learn some how, you don't just know how to use a fork as soon as you can eat.  Right now Kalen holds his fork in one hand and makes the motion of using it while shoving food in his mouth with the other hand.  I guess I just prepare myself that most likely Kalen is going to make a mess while he is eating.  All the food is not going to make it in his mouth.  More than likely some will end up on his clothes and he will probably rub his face when he has food stuck to his hands.  If I am really lucky he will have something slightly sticky on his hand and rub his hair, which causes his hair to then stick up like we put gel in it.   If we are out I have plenty of wipes to clean him up with and I usually have an extra pair of clothes, for accidents or extreme messes.  If food gets on his clothes I have spot cleaner and a washing machine at home!  If we are at home and he is covered in pasta sauce from head to toe he can be tossed into the bath (which he loves).  So messes are just not a big deal to me I would rather worry about something else.  A mess never killed anyone!
We can blame me for this one.  I was feeding him some ice cream!

There have been far worse nights! The messiest food is often the yummiest!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for the embarassement!!

Monday morning I had to run errands. I needed to go to the Tax collector to get the Tag for our Jeep renewed. Then I needed to get groceries and make one last stop at the post office. I was already dreading going to sit in the Tax Collectors office with and 11 1/2 month old. So I got some toys, snacks, and his juice ready for the road and off we went.

The tax collectors went really well he sat on my lap while we waited and just watched all the characters that stroll threw that place. So off to the grocery we went towards the end of our trip he started getting a little cranky so I was just praying he would make it at the post office. So we pulled up and I noticed how crowded it was! Awesome. So we went inside.

Kalen isn't big on being held he likes to be mobile and since he has started walking he really does not enjoy it. But, I have to hold him in the post office, the floor is so gross and I can't chase him around. So we are waiting in line and he starts pushing to get out of my arms. Great we just got in here. Then a creepy man comes in line behind us and starts talking to Kalen and tries to get Kalen to give him a high five. THANK GOD Kalen was apprehensive and did not give him one. I probably would have needed to sanitize him if he did. Of course the line is moving super slow and half the people that get to the counter do not have all their ish filled out. He is slowly starting to make moaning noises and people are starting to stare. He is now laying superman style in my arms and crying. Finally we get to the counter and I send off my packages and off we go to the car. Now Kalen has graduated to yelling and screaming super loud. Thank goodness I can leave. As I am strapping him in his car seat he is screaming like I am trying to murder him. He won't calm down he does not want his juice or a snack or his toys.

Finally we get home and of course he is now as happy as a clam being down and playing with his toys. I understand that was probably a little to long to be out and about and he was pretty much contained in some kind of capacity the whole time. But I have to get my errands done.

I know this will not be the last time I am embarrassed and people are staring. But never will I make a judging eye at another person with a screaming child, sometimes they just cannot be calmed.

I am also storing this episode in my mind for later when I give him kisses and tell him I love him in front of his friends and he is embarrassed!