Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are a few Personal Touches for Kalen's Party
Favors: Cupcakes In A Jar
I have seen these on a few blogs and thought they were a wonderful idea

Closeup of a few of the Jars
I made some Chocolate ones too but they were all gone

Some Alligator Cookies: There were #1s too

I made three giant #1 out of Pictures taken from his first year


  1. YAY for another FL blogger :-)

    Those cupcakes in a jar are SO cute! And what a neat idea with all the pictures turned into a number 1. Where did you get your jars? We are planning an actual wedding some time soon and it will be a country theme so I was thinking of using something like this but with pie!

  2. Oh thanks. My mom actually found them I believe at Food Lion and I think Publix has them. They are out of season in most craft stores right now, so it was a hunt. If I thought about this a week before the party I would have ordered them online.

  3. Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about generic diapers. The kids really don't know the difference! :) Your 1st birthday party for your son is so inspirational. I've got 2 kids with birthdays in June (boy will be 5 and girl will be 1) and I'm trying to get some great creative ideas for my daughter since my son has already declared his will be Star Wars. Ugh! I look forward to following your blog for some great ideas. Thanks for connecting!

  4. I love your Cupcakes in a jar Baller! I'll have to tuck that one away for future nugget parties. Remind me in 3 years or so. Miss you.