Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Me Eat

I always laugh when I see parents turn away food for a child due to the mess factor.  Come on they are kids and need to eat!  We all have to learn some how, you don't just know how to use a fork as soon as you can eat.  Right now Kalen holds his fork in one hand and makes the motion of using it while shoving food in his mouth with the other hand.  I guess I just prepare myself that most likely Kalen is going to make a mess while he is eating.  All the food is not going to make it in his mouth.  More than likely some will end up on his clothes and he will probably rub his face when he has food stuck to his hands.  If I am really lucky he will have something slightly sticky on his hand and rub his hair, which causes his hair to then stick up like we put gel in it.   If we are out I have plenty of wipes to clean him up with and I usually have an extra pair of clothes, for accidents or extreme messes.  If food gets on his clothes I have spot cleaner and a washing machine at home!  If we are at home and he is covered in pasta sauce from head to toe he can be tossed into the bath (which he loves).  So messes are just not a big deal to me I would rather worry about something else.  A mess never killed anyone!
We can blame me for this one.  I was feeding him some ice cream!

There have been far worse nights! The messiest food is often the yummiest!


  1. First of all, I LOVE the blog makeover! VERY cute! Second of all, I think the messy food face is adorable and I totally agree with what you're saying! People tell me I'll change my mind once I have to clean up the mess but I'm glad to hear you still feel the same way even after cleaning up lots of messes! Kalen is a cutie with his dinner smeared on his face! :)

  2. Messes are so much fun anyway! Kalen is adorable!!!
    I'm following you back.

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  3. Jenn- I really have no problem cleaning up after him. I also clean up all his messes at restaurants. It bothers me when I see people leave and their kid has thrown food all over the ground and they just leave it there.