Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for the embarassement!!

Monday morning I had to run errands. I needed to go to the Tax collector to get the Tag for our Jeep renewed. Then I needed to get groceries and make one last stop at the post office. I was already dreading going to sit in the Tax Collectors office with and 11 1/2 month old. So I got some toys, snacks, and his juice ready for the road and off we went.

The tax collectors went really well he sat on my lap while we waited and just watched all the characters that stroll threw that place. So off to the grocery we went towards the end of our trip he started getting a little cranky so I was just praying he would make it at the post office. So we pulled up and I noticed how crowded it was! Awesome. So we went inside.

Kalen isn't big on being held he likes to be mobile and since he has started walking he really does not enjoy it. But, I have to hold him in the post office, the floor is so gross and I can't chase him around. So we are waiting in line and he starts pushing to get out of my arms. Great we just got in here. Then a creepy man comes in line behind us and starts talking to Kalen and tries to get Kalen to give him a high five. THANK GOD Kalen was apprehensive and did not give him one. I probably would have needed to sanitize him if he did. Of course the line is moving super slow and half the people that get to the counter do not have all their ish filled out. He is slowly starting to make moaning noises and people are starting to stare. He is now laying superman style in my arms and crying. Finally we get to the counter and I send off my packages and off we go to the car. Now Kalen has graduated to yelling and screaming super loud. Thank goodness I can leave. As I am strapping him in his car seat he is screaming like I am trying to murder him. He won't calm down he does not want his juice or a snack or his toys.

Finally we get home and of course he is now as happy as a clam being down and playing with his toys. I understand that was probably a little to long to be out and about and he was pretty much contained in some kind of capacity the whole time. But I have to get my errands done.

I know this will not be the last time I am embarrassed and people are staring. But never will I make a judging eye at another person with a screaming child, sometimes they just cannot be calmed.

I am also storing this episode in my mind for later when I give him kisses and tell him I love him in front of his friends and he is embarrassed!

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