Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow down Puppy!!

My two children Reggie and Kalen
Reggie is Michael and I's first child, and anyone that knows us knows that Reggie gets treated as if he really is a human child.  He goes on trips with us, gets to sleep in our bed, he has multiple water cups in the house because sometimes he just wont drink out of one of them, he also has two dog beds both have blankets in them, so he can curl up.  He is a Min-Pin and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds, until recently.  He is a very loving dog and luckily Kalen and him are best friends.  There is nothing I love more than when Reggie will play tug-a-war with Kalen or chase him through the house.  Kalen begins to laugh so hard at Reggie and you can't help but laugh too.  Kalen also thinks it is so funny to hold food over the side of his highchair and make Reggie jump  up and down to try and get it.  I guess we never really noticed how much food Reggie was actually getting, until I picked him up yesterday and noticed he was a little fuller and he felt a little heavier.  At the most he gained 1/2 a pound but that is a lot for a little pooch.  So last night he got stuck on the porch while we ate dinner.  He just looked at me with his sad little eyes wondering why he wasn't aloud to be sitting next to Kalen's high chair.  But, we can't let him continue to eat people food and he gets to the food way to fast when Kalen drops it.  We also started to go back on walks after dinner to help him slim down.  The walks are good for the whole family anyways.  So until Kalen stops taunting him with food and throwing food over to him, Reggie has to remain in another room while we eat.   

Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Fabulous Friends

The Best of Friends
It was so nice to be able to escape for a few hours on Sunday to hang out with my favorite ladies.  We all met in our sorority ZTA at USF.  We all quickly became the best of friends.  We became the closest when we decided to dress up as the Spice Girls for a sorority mixer.  To this day we still call each other by our Spice names.  From left to right (Anneliese-Posh, Stephanie- Baby, Ashley- Ginger, Lauren- Sporty, Jessica(me)-Scary.   There are two sets of Big/Littles and some Roomies.  We always try to see each other whenever we can, which is sometimes just a few times a year.  Anneliese (on the left end) lives in NY and was down in Tampa for the Lady Gaga concert that was Sat night.  So myself and Lauren (the two ladies on the right end) traveled from our homes about 1 1/2 outside of Tampa just to have a nice lunch with everyone.  Even though we only got to spend a few hours together, there were plenty of laughs and smiles.  No matter how long it has been we always pick up right where we left off.  Sisterhood really is forever and I know these ladies will always be in my life. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Early Easter

Well we have been pretty busy the past couple of days.  Friday I went for my OB appt I am going every two weeks now.  However it is quite annoying that every time I go how far along I am is never the same.  It never matches up to my due date.  I know the due date is just a guess, but that is what they go by and just write in my belly measurements.  Anyways two weeks ago when I went I was 31 wks and then 16 days later I'm only 32 wks 5 days.  That just does not add up to me.  Oh well I know the little bambino will come out whenever he is ready he doesn't know how far along he is.  I also went and registered at the hospital and for my epidural- WOOHOO!! With Kalen I almost did not get the epidural in time for delivery, so this time I will not be waiting to ask for it last minute (although I did not know it was last minute). 

We went today to get Kalen's picture with the Easter Bunny.  It is so funny to compare this years picture to last years.  He has changed so much! He loved the bunny he would smile and laugh at him, but as soon as he would look at the camera he wouldn't smile as big.  We also went and registered for a few baby items for the new bambino.  We mostly did it for the completion coupon. 

The room is still a disaster we are going to go buy paint so we can paint the walls next weekend and then I can put the crib and dresser together for the little man.  Mike's pictures are coming along Buzz is completely done and he is almost done with Bullseye.  So everything is slowly coming together.
Last years Easter Bunny picture

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just add Chocolate

Ever since we cut Kalen off cold turkey from his formula we have been trying to get him to drink Milk.  We have not been very successful until recently.  He would only drink water or water with some juice.  We would hand him a cup of Milk and he would take a sip, make a face, and then fling the sippy cup as far as he could.  We had to get him to drink Milk, he is a growing boy and we can only give him so much yogurt, and he needs the vitamins from Milk for his bones.  We have been trying to give the Milk for almost two months now and not one person ever said to us "Hey why don't you add some chocolate syrup to it."  Mind you so many of our friends and family know he is not drinking the Milk.  So the other day when I went grocery shopping I picked up some Chocolate Syrup (I bought the Publix brand first, and my husband told me it was not good enough). So I eventually got the good stuff Hershey's Chocolate Syrup with added calcium (extra calcium can never hurt).  So we made him a glass and down went the Milk.  He never even took a breath Chugged the whole sippy cup.  Ever since we have added the Choc he drinks 2 or 3 Sippy Cups full of Milk every day.  I really was not to excited about having to give him the chocolate, but it is just a little bit and I think him actually drinking Milk now outweighs the choc and sugar he is now getting.

Behold the Power of Chocolate

Versatile Blogger Award

I got sent this by a college friend, fellow mommy, and blogger, Mommie Couture.  Her blog is great and all about her precious new little man and life as a new mommy!

Here are the Rules: to keep this little award going
*Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
*Share TEN fun facts about yourself
*Award 7 of your favorite bloggers
*Let them know they have won the award

Ten Fun Facts about Myself

1.  I LOVE Britney Spears.  I have since the day "Baby One More Time" came out

2. My hubby and I's "1st" born is a min-pin named Reggie (He is named after a former Fl Gator football   player, Reggie Nelson)

3. I am a die hard sports fan.  I go to all the Fl Gator home games and watch the away ones.  I will pretty much watch any sport on Tv and love to go to games.

4.  I have recently taken up the new hobby of Crocheting, I love all types of crafting and can spend hours in a craft store

5. I went to USF and was in Zeta Tau Alpha, where I met my best friends

6.  I have a turtle named Squirt, who when named was about an inch long and is now about 7 inches long (we also recently after having her for 5/6 years found out she was a girl when she layed eggs)

7.  I LOVE peanut butter M&Ms and if a bag gets opened in this house they don't last through the day

8. I wear flip flops year round even if it is cold, even in the snow. 

9.  Cruises are my favorite way to vacation.  Everything is right there

10.  I was the first of my close friends to get married and have a baby

Seven of my Favorite Blogs

1.  Confessions of a Spinster: My funny witty Big Sister from ZTA

2. Style Addict NYC : She is also a ZTA sister and her Blog is all about Fashion

3. Life With the Lacey's  : This is Michael's cousin's wife who writes on this blog, all about their life in Cali, its nice to read and see what they are doing since they live on the other side of the good ol' USA.  Her husband is in the Marines, hence why they are in Cali right now.

4.  FOOD blogs:  I follow and love way to many recipe blogs to actually pick a favorite.

5.  Life full of Laughter  : Another one of my fab ZTA sisters, I love reading about her adventures in the great city of Chicago, I just wish I could see her more often!

6.  Mommie Couture : A fellow USF alumni and new mommy

7. Ullrich Family : My Sister-in-law who updates about her family

Tag you are now it!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

And we're Dancing....

Kalen recently decided he was going to high step everywhere he went.  The other night when we got home from dinner he decided that his high steping skills could be used for dancing.  He also threw in some break dancing moves as well. Enjoy

Sunday, April 3, 2011

31 1/2 Weeks

31 1/2 weeks
Well we are getting to the final stretch!! I am now 31 and 1/2 Weeks.  It is so much different this time around with all the planning, I do not feel as urgent to get everything done as I did with Kalen.  The room is still a guest bedroom/craft room.  Mike just started painting the characters for the room.  We decided to do the painting on canvas and then hang those up rather than the wall, because I am attached to the Nemo characters and if Kalen ever wants anything else painted I am gonna want to cut out all the characters and re dry wall the whole room.  Baby boy number two's room is going to be Toy Story themed, we already have Mr. Potato head done and hubby is now working on Buzz.  When they are all done there will be pictures, no worries.  

This weekend we had our first child free weekend since before we had Kalen.  My mom offered to take Kalen for the weekend so we could have some time to ourselves.  I am pretty sure she just wanted him for the weekend and her reasoning was purely selfish :).  It was nice we drove halfway and met her in Gainesville Friday afternoon and ate dinner and off they went.  So we decided to surprise some of our Gainesville friends and crash their date night, which they did not mind at all.  Then all four of us went to another friends house and surprised her and her hubby.  It was a nice night we just sat and chatted and had lots of laughs.  Saturday we spent the whole day scrubbing our house.  It was so much easier to do this with out Kalen making a mess as soon as we cleaned one room.  This wasn't the most romantic thing to do but it needed to be done.  Then Saturday night we headed to a friends birthday party and just hung out all night.  We were out to well past midnight, which does not happen because we usually have to leave places early to put Kalen in.  We are going to be picking him up soon and I'm sure our newly cleaned house will be destroyed by the end of the day!