Sunday, April 3, 2011

31 1/2 Weeks

31 1/2 weeks
Well we are getting to the final stretch!! I am now 31 and 1/2 Weeks.  It is so much different this time around with all the planning, I do not feel as urgent to get everything done as I did with Kalen.  The room is still a guest bedroom/craft room.  Mike just started painting the characters for the room.  We decided to do the painting on canvas and then hang those up rather than the wall, because I am attached to the Nemo characters and if Kalen ever wants anything else painted I am gonna want to cut out all the characters and re dry wall the whole room.  Baby boy number two's room is going to be Toy Story themed, we already have Mr. Potato head done and hubby is now working on Buzz.  When they are all done there will be pictures, no worries.  

This weekend we had our first child free weekend since before we had Kalen.  My mom offered to take Kalen for the weekend so we could have some time to ourselves.  I am pretty sure she just wanted him for the weekend and her reasoning was purely selfish :).  It was nice we drove halfway and met her in Gainesville Friday afternoon and ate dinner and off they went.  So we decided to surprise some of our Gainesville friends and crash their date night, which they did not mind at all.  Then all four of us went to another friends house and surprised her and her hubby.  It was a nice night we just sat and chatted and had lots of laughs.  Saturday we spent the whole day scrubbing our house.  It was so much easier to do this with out Kalen making a mess as soon as we cleaned one room.  This wasn't the most romantic thing to do but it needed to be done.  Then Saturday night we headed to a friends birthday party and just hung out all night.  We were out to well past midnight, which does not happen because we usually have to leave places early to put Kalen in.  We are going to be picking him up soon and I'm sure our newly cleaned house will be destroyed by the end of the day!


  1. You look fantastic Jess! Finally a bump picture too!! :)

  2. Thank You! The belly finally actually Poped out and it looks like a baby belly!