Monday, April 11, 2011

Just add Chocolate

Ever since we cut Kalen off cold turkey from his formula we have been trying to get him to drink Milk.  We have not been very successful until recently.  He would only drink water or water with some juice.  We would hand him a cup of Milk and he would take a sip, make a face, and then fling the sippy cup as far as he could.  We had to get him to drink Milk, he is a growing boy and we can only give him so much yogurt, and he needs the vitamins from Milk for his bones.  We have been trying to give the Milk for almost two months now and not one person ever said to us "Hey why don't you add some chocolate syrup to it."  Mind you so many of our friends and family know he is not drinking the Milk.  So the other day when I went grocery shopping I picked up some Chocolate Syrup (I bought the Publix brand first, and my husband told me it was not good enough). So I eventually got the good stuff Hershey's Chocolate Syrup with added calcium (extra calcium can never hurt).  So we made him a glass and down went the Milk.  He never even took a breath Chugged the whole sippy cup.  Ever since we have added the Choc he drinks 2 or 3 Sippy Cups full of Milk every day.  I really was not to excited about having to give him the chocolate, but it is just a little bit and I think him actually drinking Milk now outweighs the choc and sugar he is now getting.

Behold the Power of Chocolate

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  1. That is too funny! He is definitely a Scibetta. You know the whole family LOVES chocolate, Haha. At least you two finally found a way for him to drink milk because it is very important for the growth of the bones. It will help make him stronger