Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So we had our big ultrasound on Sept 30. We were suppose to go on the 29th but our appt got cancelled because the ultrasound tech went into labor that morning. We got to see our little skeleton. The baby was super excited, it was doing flips and moving all around. It took the tech a little while to get all the measurements because of all the movement. We also found out I have a low lying placenta. The placenta should be at the top of the uterus but its not. About 85% of the time it moves where its suppose to go. But if it doesn't move I will have to have a c-section. So I am praying that it moves. Although this is bad news I do get to have another ultrasound in about a month and half to see if its moved. So I'll get to see the baby again! yay

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Appt at 14 weeks

I went to the Doc yesterday. Mike was suppose to go with me, but something happened at work so he had to stay late. So off I went by myself. I go in and get weighed and I have only gained 8 tenths of a pound. Woo hoo hopefully I gain just the right amount of weight and not too much. The midwife came in to go over my blood results. Come to find out i have no immunity to measles or chicken pocks. The vaccines apparently fade away over time. But, I have had chicken pocks, so Im not sure how that works. So after I give birth I will be getting some vaccines, yay more needles. At the end I got to hear the little lemon's (about the size the baby is now) heartbeat again. Baby is still in the oven cooking away. I also ask the midwife about the H1N1 vaccine and she doesn't really know anything about it. Awesome. She said not many people do know about it because they are still battling out to see what vaccine actually gets made. I do not want this shot, from what I have read and learned about it is basically they won't be testing on pregnant people. I would be the test subject. They have claimed there will be no affects for the child at birth, but what about a year later or ten years later. So I will be praying that I do not get sick while tutoring little Kiddos. If they sneeze or cough they are sitting on the other side of the room and we will yell at each other from across the room.
*Next Appt Sept 22nd and the U/S Sept 29th!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So hubs and I went out to Ocala for Monday night Football since the Jags were not playing on our tv. We ended up at Gators Dockside where they serve the most amazing thing, Fried Pickles, which has always been a favorite. We are sitting there enjoying the game and it happens the most annoying loud laugh ever is coming from a few tables away. Its a table of HS boys and this one kid is laughing so loud, he laughs in the middle of his stories and he sounds like a horse laughing. Why can;t his friends tell him dont laugh so loud its quite annoying. To make matters worse the kid brought his GF on their all man-date. How rude.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time to Tell...

We have been waiting so long to be able to tell our family and friends our great news. So we think of this amzing way to tell our families. I bought a doggy t-shirt and some puffy paint. I turned the shirt inside out and wrote on the shirt -Future Big Brother Feb. 2010- To our amazement it took everyone, but Mike's dad a while to figure it out. Everyone at first was wondering why we were telling everyone we were getting another dog, and then the info would sink in. Everyone was super excited for us, lots of hugs, oh my gods, kisses, and really's. As predicted Mike's sister, Danielle was the most excited. She later told us she cried multiple times after we told her because her baby bro is going to be a dad.

We finally tell our friends by phone and then release the info on FaceBook for the rest of our friends to know.

Everyone finally knows and we don't have to keep this life changing event to ourselves.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Dr Visit

Well finally after waiting 6 weeks since we found out I am going to the Dr!! We get there and we first see the insurance lady to discuss how much we are going to have to pay to have the baby. We are pleased to find out its only a one time low co-pay. Sweeett. Next we get to see a nurse who ask a bunch of questions and checks blood pressure, weight, and how im breathing. Then in comes the midwife, She is a very sweet little old lady. She does an exam, asks more questions, answers our questions, and then ask if we want to see if we can find the HB. She says it might be a little to early to find. She puts the doppler on my belly and bam HB. She surprised herself she says she has never gotten it on the first try. We have a nice strong little HB. Then she excuses herself and says she will be right back. In she comes with a bed side ultrasound monitor. Its not the best but a nice little surprise. We see the baby and its HB. So exciting. Mike and I couldn't stop smiling.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Strollers and Leashes

After the hundreds of trips I have made to Disney, I can't figure out why some people are so rude. Who in their right mind thinks its to stop in the middle of the walkway with their whole family?? Hello you are not the only people here at Disney. The people that have no clue how to control a stroller should not be allowed in public places. I have been hit multiple times by them as I am sure everyone else has too. Some stroller people also think its ok to stop in the middle of the walkways too, just pull over. You wouldn't stop in the middle of the highway.
Why do people put their kids on leashes. They are not animals. I do not have kids yet I just do not see it as necessary and hope I never do. I feel bad for the kids being pulled on and tugged around. Just make the kid hold your hand or sit in the stroller or if they are light enough put them on your shoulders. I also have to giggle at the homemade leashes, it looks like someone just threw a piece of rope around the kid and tied it.
I hope I stay in my right mind and never stop with a stroller in the middle of a walkway or leash my child. If I do feel free to yell at me, Ill understand

Birthday weekend

Went to St. Cloud, so we could go to Animal Kingdom for my birthday. So we got up on Saturday morning went to breakfast and then headed to AK. I am a little worried about walking all over the place because of what happened last time we went to a theme park. We get there and we pass by the Tree of Life which has the greatest 3-D show in it, It's tought to be a bug. You get to wear the most amazing 3-D glassses(notice picture)and afterwards we head to Everest, so I say I have a slight headache and do not want to make it worse. Moving on we go to Mike's favorite ride which is a jungle safari and you get to see all the wild animals. Mike's mom happens to notice that it says expecting women should not ride. So we start talking about why that is and we all decide it can't be worse than riding in a car and hitting bumps. Next we head to Dinosaur and we are almost to the front of the line when Mike starts saying that I cannot go on this ride. Which is fine, so I use the I still have a headache so mike and his dad go and his mom and I just walk through and wait in the gift shop. Next was a very special treat Mike's dad booked us reservations at a buffett in the park so we head on in. The food was great. I particulary enjoyed the kids section which had mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese. Yummy. Towards the end our table starts gathering a large assortment of fruit that will be eaten over the next few days. Then our waitress brings me a birthday cupcake with blue icing and Mickey Mouse sprinkles. They start to sing Happy Birthday very quietly and out goes the candle. I was trying to hold my breath so I would not blow the candle out to early since it was quite close, well no such luck out it went when I let some air escape out of nose!! Thats right I blew the candle out with my nose.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Weekend

Girls weekend in NSB with three great friends. There is going to be drinking during this weekend so I have to think of a reason I can't drink. So I tell them that I have been getting really bad migraines after drinking any kind of alcohol. Which is believable since I often get them. We get there and its time to drink so I get a beer, take two sips and head to the bathroom to fill it up with water so I can drink the rest. Saturday we wake up head out to the beach and enjoy some sun till the rain rolls in. Later that night its time for margaritas so I take a few sips and I don't really drink much more of it for the rest of the night. Great, much needed weekend, however it was so hard not to tell my friends whats happening in my life right now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to the ER

July 4th weekend we make our way to St. Cloud to spend the weekend with Mike's family. On Friday we decide to go to Epcot with Mike's mom, dad, sister, and nephew. We spend the whole day walking all over the world (mistake 1). Mind you its also July so its super hot outside. We ride the kid rides so our nephew, Blase, can go on them. No worries all the rides were preggers friendly. All I have wanted all day is one of those Mickey Mouse head shaped icecream. So we are currently in America to watch the Bon Jovi tribute band. Never completly realized this but all the desserts in the countries are themed so there is no where to get my ice cream except walking all the way out of the countries and to the front of the park. So off Mike and I go. (Mistake 2). 30 minutes later we make it back to America (we took a break when we found the icecream to sit and eat it). I am completly worn out and finally we sit and watch the last 15 minutes of the show. Off we go home.

Saturday, July 4th we have a nice cookout, play cards, and hang out. Time to go for fireworks on the boat (Mistake 3). I read some advice online and everyone said boat rides are not a problem. However I was not prepared for the bumps and the boat not wanting to actually go anywhere. It takes about an hour to get home when it should take about 15-20 minutes. The boat ride proably would not have been a problem if we had not walked all over Epcot all day Friday. Then being the good wifey I am we head to a 4th of July party so Mike can see his friends. More standing (mistake 4). This is also my first encounter with dealing with drinking around people we have not told i'm with child. So I take a beer thats offered to me, now what do I do with it. I can't drink it, I can't just set it down thats a waste. Hmm So for now I just pretend to sip. Mike finishes his beer and we switch. Thank goodness. I am now the proud holder of an empty Beer, to despose of whenever I feel like it.

Fast forward Monday morning... Its about 8 and Mike left for work about 2 hours ago. I am only getting out of bed right now to go to the bathroom. Here might be a little TMI... I go wipe and start freaking out. It completly looks like Aunt Flo has decided to come. She soaked my panties and PJs. OMG I call Mike freaking out so he tells his boss that he needs to come home. No Problem. About an hour later we are in the ER. First thing this newbie (vampire) lady comes to take 12 vials of blood. She cant figure out where my vein is and then halfway thru the needle goes completly thru my vein. Her response well the blood stopped. So another lady comes in and fixes the problem and finishes. Waiting....... Dr finally comes in checks me out. AF is gone and my cervix is closed, I had what they call a threated M/C. Dr says it was from all the walking I just pushed my self way to hard this weekend. Whew Baby still inside!! Waiting..... for my blood test results, get them and I am told I need to go in three days to get my levels checked again. Great more blood!!

How do I not tell my Mom I spent all day in the ER????

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My life is Changing

It's monday morning the 15th of June and I just got back from a cruise with my family and husband. So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about two months. I have noticed that I did not get my glorious Aunt Flo during the cruise. So I wake up early Monday morning to go pee on the stick (they say using your morning pee is better than any other time of the day) So I do what I need to do and then I didn't even have to wait the 3 minutes it says and the words that are about to change my life pop up. I was afraid to look cause I did not want to see Not Pregnant. So I look and then I scream.. I am not sure what to do next. I don't want to call Michael at work to let him know cause I will not get a true reaction. So I go out to the store and buy him a fathers day card (which was the Sunday coming up) It also happened to be our One Year Anniversary. So I patiently wait for 3:30 to roll around so I can give him his card. He gets home and I tell him I can't wait till Sunday to give this to him. He opens it up and is very excited. First words out of his mouth "I'm not broken." Which I guess is a huge concern among men. So we decide we are going to keep this a secret till we go to the Dr.
I called the Dr the next day to set up our first apt which will not be till July 28th!! Which I would be around 10 weeks pregnant. How can we keep this secret for so long?? We visit both our famlies almost every other weekend.