Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time to Tell...

We have been waiting so long to be able to tell our family and friends our great news. So we think of this amzing way to tell our families. I bought a doggy t-shirt and some puffy paint. I turned the shirt inside out and wrote on the shirt -Future Big Brother Feb. 2010- To our amazement it took everyone, but Mike's dad a while to figure it out. Everyone at first was wondering why we were telling everyone we were getting another dog, and then the info would sink in. Everyone was super excited for us, lots of hugs, oh my gods, kisses, and really's. As predicted Mike's sister, Danielle was the most excited. She later told us she cried multiple times after we told her because her baby bro is going to be a dad.

We finally tell our friends by phone and then release the info on FaceBook for the rest of our friends to know.

Everyone finally knows and we don't have to keep this life changing event to ourselves.

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