Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Appt at 14 weeks

I went to the Doc yesterday. Mike was suppose to go with me, but something happened at work so he had to stay late. So off I went by myself. I go in and get weighed and I have only gained 8 tenths of a pound. Woo hoo hopefully I gain just the right amount of weight and not too much. The midwife came in to go over my blood results. Come to find out i have no immunity to measles or chicken pocks. The vaccines apparently fade away over time. But, I have had chicken pocks, so Im not sure how that works. So after I give birth I will be getting some vaccines, yay more needles. At the end I got to hear the little lemon's (about the size the baby is now) heartbeat again. Baby is still in the oven cooking away. I also ask the midwife about the H1N1 vaccine and she doesn't really know anything about it. Awesome. She said not many people do know about it because they are still battling out to see what vaccine actually gets made. I do not want this shot, from what I have read and learned about it is basically they won't be testing on pregnant people. I would be the test subject. They have claimed there will be no affects for the child at birth, but what about a year later or ten years later. So I will be praying that I do not get sick while tutoring little Kiddos. If they sneeze or cough they are sitting on the other side of the room and we will yell at each other from across the room.
*Next Appt Sept 22nd and the U/S Sept 29th!

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