Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to the ER

July 4th weekend we make our way to St. Cloud to spend the weekend with Mike's family. On Friday we decide to go to Epcot with Mike's mom, dad, sister, and nephew. We spend the whole day walking all over the world (mistake 1). Mind you its also July so its super hot outside. We ride the kid rides so our nephew, Blase, can go on them. No worries all the rides were preggers friendly. All I have wanted all day is one of those Mickey Mouse head shaped icecream. So we are currently in America to watch the Bon Jovi tribute band. Never completly realized this but all the desserts in the countries are themed so there is no where to get my ice cream except walking all the way out of the countries and to the front of the park. So off Mike and I go. (Mistake 2). 30 minutes later we make it back to America (we took a break when we found the icecream to sit and eat it). I am completly worn out and finally we sit and watch the last 15 minutes of the show. Off we go home.

Saturday, July 4th we have a nice cookout, play cards, and hang out. Time to go for fireworks on the boat (Mistake 3). I read some advice online and everyone said boat rides are not a problem. However I was not prepared for the bumps and the boat not wanting to actually go anywhere. It takes about an hour to get home when it should take about 15-20 minutes. The boat ride proably would not have been a problem if we had not walked all over Epcot all day Friday. Then being the good wifey I am we head to a 4th of July party so Mike can see his friends. More standing (mistake 4). This is also my first encounter with dealing with drinking around people we have not told i'm with child. So I take a beer thats offered to me, now what do I do with it. I can't drink it, I can't just set it down thats a waste. Hmm So for now I just pretend to sip. Mike finishes his beer and we switch. Thank goodness. I am now the proud holder of an empty Beer, to despose of whenever I feel like it.

Fast forward Monday morning... Its about 8 and Mike left for work about 2 hours ago. I am only getting out of bed right now to go to the bathroom. Here might be a little TMI... I go wipe and start freaking out. It completly looks like Aunt Flo has decided to come. She soaked my panties and PJs. OMG I call Mike freaking out so he tells his boss that he needs to come home. No Problem. About an hour later we are in the ER. First thing this newbie (vampire) lady comes to take 12 vials of blood. She cant figure out where my vein is and then halfway thru the needle goes completly thru my vein. Her response well the blood stopped. So another lady comes in and fixes the problem and finishes. Waiting....... Dr finally comes in checks me out. AF is gone and my cervix is closed, I had what they call a threated M/C. Dr says it was from all the walking I just pushed my self way to hard this weekend. Whew Baby still inside!! Waiting..... for my blood test results, get them and I am told I need to go in three days to get my levels checked again. Great more blood!!

How do I not tell my Mom I spent all day in the ER????

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