Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday weekend

Went to St. Cloud, so we could go to Animal Kingdom for my birthday. So we got up on Saturday morning went to breakfast and then headed to AK. I am a little worried about walking all over the place because of what happened last time we went to a theme park. We get there and we pass by the Tree of Life which has the greatest 3-D show in it, It's tought to be a bug. You get to wear the most amazing 3-D glassses(notice picture)and afterwards we head to Everest, so I say I have a slight headache and do not want to make it worse. Moving on we go to Mike's favorite ride which is a jungle safari and you get to see all the wild animals. Mike's mom happens to notice that it says expecting women should not ride. So we start talking about why that is and we all decide it can't be worse than riding in a car and hitting bumps. Next we head to Dinosaur and we are almost to the front of the line when Mike starts saying that I cannot go on this ride. Which is fine, so I use the I still have a headache so mike and his dad go and his mom and I just walk through and wait in the gift shop. Next was a very special treat Mike's dad booked us reservations at a buffett in the park so we head on in. The food was great. I particulary enjoyed the kids section which had mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese. Yummy. Towards the end our table starts gathering a large assortment of fruit that will be eaten over the next few days. Then our waitress brings me a birthday cupcake with blue icing and Mickey Mouse sprinkles. They start to sing Happy Birthday very quietly and out goes the candle. I was trying to hold my breath so I would not blow the candle out to early since it was quite close, well no such luck out it went when I let some air escape out of nose!! Thats right I blew the candle out with my nose.

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