Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow down Puppy!!

My two children Reggie and Kalen
Reggie is Michael and I's first child, and anyone that knows us knows that Reggie gets treated as if he really is a human child.  He goes on trips with us, gets to sleep in our bed, he has multiple water cups in the house because sometimes he just wont drink out of one of them, he also has two dog beds both have blankets in them, so he can curl up.  He is a Min-Pin and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds, until recently.  He is a very loving dog and luckily Kalen and him are best friends.  There is nothing I love more than when Reggie will play tug-a-war with Kalen or chase him through the house.  Kalen begins to laugh so hard at Reggie and you can't help but laugh too.  Kalen also thinks it is so funny to hold food over the side of his highchair and make Reggie jump  up and down to try and get it.  I guess we never really noticed how much food Reggie was actually getting, until I picked him up yesterday and noticed he was a little fuller and he felt a little heavier.  At the most he gained 1/2 a pound but that is a lot for a little pooch.  So last night he got stuck on the porch while we ate dinner.  He just looked at me with his sad little eyes wondering why he wasn't aloud to be sitting next to Kalen's high chair.  But, we can't let him continue to eat people food and he gets to the food way to fast when Kalen drops it.  We also started to go back on walks after dinner to help him slim down.  The walks are good for the whole family anyways.  So until Kalen stops taunting him with food and throwing food over to him, Reggie has to remain in another room while we eat.   

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  1. Clearly I can relate (except for the baby part)...this makes me wonder how Lilah & Sadie will adjust to little human nuggets. I guess we'll see! Adjusting to NOT sleeping in my bed is challenge enough for now.