Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Early Easter

Well we have been pretty busy the past couple of days.  Friday I went for my OB appt I am going every two weeks now.  However it is quite annoying that every time I go how far along I am is never the same.  It never matches up to my due date.  I know the due date is just a guess, but that is what they go by and just write in my belly measurements.  Anyways two weeks ago when I went I was 31 wks and then 16 days later I'm only 32 wks 5 days.  That just does not add up to me.  Oh well I know the little bambino will come out whenever he is ready he doesn't know how far along he is.  I also went and registered at the hospital and for my epidural- WOOHOO!! With Kalen I almost did not get the epidural in time for delivery, so this time I will not be waiting to ask for it last minute (although I did not know it was last minute). 

We went today to get Kalen's picture with the Easter Bunny.  It is so funny to compare this years picture to last years.  He has changed so much! He loved the bunny he would smile and laugh at him, but as soon as he would look at the camera he wouldn't smile as big.  We also went and registered for a few baby items for the new bambino.  We mostly did it for the completion coupon. 

The room is still a disaster we are going to go buy paint so we can paint the walls next weekend and then I can put the crib and dresser together for the little man.  Mike's pictures are coming along Buzz is completely done and he is almost done with Bullseye.  So everything is slowly coming together.
Last years Easter Bunny picture

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