Monday, May 16, 2011

A day at the Zoo

This past weekend we went up to Jacksonville to go to the Kenny Chesney concert and we decided to stay the whole weekend.  On Saturday morning we headed out to the Zoo so Kalen could see all the animals.  He loved the Bronx Zoo this past summer.  He was very interested in all the animals, calling every animal we saw Eggie- which is how he says Reggie's name.  We first walked through and saw some monkeys and then we headed over to the Giraffe's, which he loved.  We paid a couple bucks to be able to feed the Giraffe's, clearly he thought he was just feeding a larger version of our dog because as soon as we handed him the lettuce he was holding it out for the Giraffe.  After visiting a few more animals he began to get a little restless so we headed to the Children's part of the Zoo to play in the Splash Park and pet the goats.  He absolutely loved the Splash Park he was running all around.  He got pretty upset when we took him out.  He sure is a water baby.  Then we went and bothered the poor goats, although they didn't seem to mind.  Kalen quickly found his favorite, one the was laying on the ground eating and he decided to sit right next to him and give him lots of pets.
Some pictures from the Zoo

Feeding the Giraffe

Probably his fav part of the day

His new best friend

Trying to take his food

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