Thursday, November 10, 2011 can't be serious!

Well Lucas has found a different mode of transportation other than rolling from one end of the living room to the other. He crawls!! Well it's mostly a variation of crawling in his attempt to figure out this whole thing called crawling. He has been getting on all fours for about a week now and starts to rock. Recently he has begun to move each leg in the crawling motion. He gets about three leg crawls in and stops. At this point he is usually close enough to what ever he wants and lunges himself at it. He also is pretty good at the inch worm method and army crawl (he is trying to impress his two uncles in the Marines, Tyler and Matt). I must say I'm pretty impressed at his army crawl. He lays there and puts one arm out in front and pulls his whole body forward. Maybe a future Navy seal with those awesomely sneaky moves! He doesn't get anywhere too fast, but I'm sure in no time he will get there. With his rocking back and forth he gets in some "frog hops" which are pretty funny. His biggest set back is slipping and not being able to get a good grip. His legs slide around from his pants. If I just leave him without bottoms his little knees get rug burn! :( I am pretty shocked he can do what he can since he is only 5 Months and his brother was about 7/8 months when he started attempting to crawl. But then again Kalen didn't have an awesome big bro to keep up with! Every now and then Kalen will start crawling all around Lucas, I guess to give him some pointers.
I'm sure our dog, Reggie is thinking great the big one chases me and tries to pick me up now the little one is crawling after me!!

Trying to Crawl while we were outside

Trying to get to Kalen

Lucas Rocking

                                            Lucas attempting to crawl with some Frog Hops

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