Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easter Wreath

I wanted to make an Easter wreath but I didn't want to make one with just plastic eggs. So I decided I would buy some paper Easter grass and some bigger, fancier eggs to place on top.I bought all my supplies a few weeks ago and have been waiting to make my Easter Wreath.
For one I needed both kids to be a sleep since I was using a Hot glue gun and both kids love to pull on cords, not a good combo.  Secondly I was waiting till after Kalen's bday since his wreath currently hung on the door. 
Well I decided not to wait for the kids to be a sleep. I would just make it on the kitchen counter, it wouldn't take that long so I wouldn't mind standing.  This way there was no dangling cord. 

Making this was super easy and took about 20 minutes.  My kind of craft Quick and Easy!!

A wreath form- I used a 10 inch one
Easter Grass-  I used about a bag and a half
Plastic Eggs-  I found a pack of 6 in different colors with the clear beads all over them
Ribbon (If you do not use a wreath hanger)
                *I have a 3m hook upside down on the back of my door to hook the ribbon on to

My wreath

Added my Ribbon so it could Hang.  I just pinned the ribbon into the wreath

Add the grass.  I would just put hot glue down in a small section and then press the grass into it

The paper grass I used

I Hot Glued the Eggs and placed them how I wanted.  The one in the middle is hanging by a piece of Ribbon.  I just took a pin and attached the ribbon to the egg and then with another pin attached the ribbon to the wreath

Close Up of my eggs

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