Monday, April 2, 2012


This past Saturday we headed out to Crystal River to go to the Eggstravaganza! They had a few egg hunts for the different age groups and other activities for the kids to do and some local shopping for the parents.  We got their early enough to sign in and let Lucas do his Egg Hunting with the "Crawlers".  He was so cute collecting his eggs.  He wasn't sure what to do, but he got an egg open and was a happy camper, it was filled with Gold Fish.  Kalen was excited too, luckily Lucas is nice enough to share!

While we waited for Kalen's age group to start (1-3yr olds).  Kalen enjoyed playing on a Fire Truck, He tried with all his might to push and pull the truck.  Crazy Little man! We finally got all lined up for Kalen's turn and we went towards the back where there wasn't a bunch of kids lined up.  There were at least 50 eggs right in front of us. So when the kids finally get the go ahead, Kalen takes off towards the middle of the area, grabs a couple of eggs, throws them in his basket, drops his basket and then books it.  We had no idea where he was going.  Clearly he thought he was in The Hunger Games and ran as far away from the middle as he could.  He then would grab random eggs while running and chuck them!! Well as Kalen is having the time of his life running around kids keep walking by and checking out his basket.  This little girl walks over looks in his basket, meanwhile her mother is standing a few parents away from me and starts yelling at her girl to take the Eggs!! Seriously! She was cheering on her daughter to steal Kalen's eggs! "Take those Eggs", were her exact words!! I was in complete shock, way to be teaching your child to steal from other kids.  I didn't say anything to her she had other kids with her and I'm not sure I would have used child friendly language.  After all the eggs were found they were trying to get all the kids out of the area, so they could start setting up for the next group.  Well Kalen was the lone kid in the middle running circles around a tree, so I guess he won his version of The Hunger Games! 
He finally makes it back to us with his basket, he had no eggs, but I'm pretty sure he had the most fun out there.  Luckily his friend Stover collected a bunch of eggs and shared some with Kalen. 
Over all we had a great day!!
Kalen playing on the Slide

Lucas' first egg

Kalen and the Fire Truck

Kalen in the middle of the egg hunt

His abandoned basket

Stover sharing his eggs

Trying to get a picture of them both looking! ha

Inside the Fire Truck

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