Tuesday, June 28, 2011

*Lucas One Month*

On Friday June 24th, Lucas turned one month old eeekkkk... Time is already flying by and I know Ill be planning his first birthday before I know it and he will be running around Kalen and being Mr. Independent just like Kalen!!! Ahhh make time stand still.  Lucas loves to be held which is and was the complete opposite of Kalen.  You could put Kalen down for hours and he was happy as a clam, you have to get really lucky to be able to hold Kalen for more than a minute and super lucky if he will actually sit next to you or on your lap for longer than a minute.  Currently the only time Kalen will be mister cuddles is when he is sick :(  So its nice to be able to hold Lucas and cuddle with him. 

Lucas is starting to get more control of his noodle (his head).  He won't really lay on the ground or in the pack in play on his belly (while awake) but he loves to lay on our chests and pick up his head and gander around the room.  He also rolls from his back to his sides to get a better look around.  He has been getting better at sleeping at night (I hope I'm not jinxing myself right now).  He has been going to sleep around 10 and waking up for a feeding any time between 3- 4:30.  Then he usually falls back asleep till 7:30ish.  When the hubs is home he gets up with the boys in the morning and lets me sleep till 10!!! Thank goodness I get some extra sleep on the weekends, thanks to my awesome hubby.  During the day it is a different story the little mister does not like to nap like normal one month olds.  He usually stays awake all morning till around 12 and falls asleep for 3-4 hours, which is actually nice since Kalen goes in for his nap at 12 too!! So momma gets a few hours to herself, and sometimes the whole house has nap time.  Then after his nap he pretty much stays awake till bedtime, he cat naps throughout the afternoon sleeping no longer than 15-30 mins at a time. 

Lucas' is starting to give us some SMILES!! They were just coming while he was sleeping, he must have been having some good dreams.  But, now when I talk or sing to him I get a smile!!! I just love baby smiles!
I have two little milkaholics!! Which is funny considering I do not care for milk and the hubs is lactose intolerant.  Kalen goes through a gallon of milk every 5-6 days and I cannot make enough Milk to keep up with Lucas.  He usually gets a formula bottle of around 4 ounces since I just can't keep up with him.  I have only been pumping since he would only feed off of one side, so it is just easier for me to pump both sides at once and feed him out of the bottle.  This is nice because other people are able to feed him, he doesn't have to be connected to me all day. 

Kalen seems to love his little bro, he is always trying to feed him or shove his Binky in his eye, nose mouth.  He also loves to give him kisses which have gradually turned in to what we call Noggins (from Nemo).  He will ever so softly place his head against Lucas' its actually pretty sweet and cute.  He even does it on his own sometimes.  If Lucas begins to cry Kalen runs up to wear he is to see whats wrong.  Sometimes he even gives him stuff to calm him down... including but not limited to the remote, goldfish, other food, his shoes, socks, Reggie's (the dog) toys, Kalen's toys, empty cups, Tupperware... you know the usual things a one month old would want to play with. 

Lucas and Dad on Father's Day!

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