Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time to get Crafting!!

So I have a list of crafts and other projects that I would like to get started on!! But I have some major problems.  I need lots of items that we don't have. 

Things I Need:

A. I need a sewing machine
B. I need to learn how to Sew

I need a saw

I need a nail gun (its just easier & quicker to use than a hammer and nails)

Other things include:
Super cute fabric
Spray paint
Other random craft supplies


  1. hahaha this post really made me laugh out loud. You're too funny. Those are major problems.. especially the part where you need a sewing machine, yet you need to learn how to sew first.. I am on board with that one though.. It would be nice to learn.... oh all the possibilities.

  2. I LOVE the sewing machine you guys got me for christmas! Im going on monday to learn how to make those pillow case style dresses! Ok and what do you need a saw and nail gun for? Im a little concerned!!

  3. i need all of those things too. what are you making?

  4. I don't really have specific plans for anything I just know I need all that stuff!!