Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Week in Review

Well I survived my first week two days at home alone with two boys.  I was by myself on Monday and Thursday, my mom was here Tuesday and Wednesday with me.  The hubs has off Fridays so we were going to drive up to Gainesville to get Lucas' pictures done but the place we get them done at is no longer at the Mall in Gainesville.  So now we are waiting till next Friday when we will be in Otown to get them done.

Kalen got a drum set for his birthday from Life with the Lacey's.  It's his Aunt Bridget and Uncle Matt.  The drum has a bunch of fun music instruments to play with.  Kalen is a one man band now!!

Shaving Time

Daddy giving me a fresh Shave

Kalen giving Lucas a Kiss


  1. the photos are too cute lol. I can't see the videos though. I tried hitting the play button but nothing happens.

  2. Wahoo!! Picture time!! We need to get one of all 4 kids! Although that is easier said than done! :)

  3. Ya we can get pics if we tie them all down

  4. Ok sounds good im ok with that! LOL Oh no mister photographer its find that they are all tied up no big deal at all!