Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Family of Four

Our new Family Photo
Well its been a little crazy around here.  We went on our first road trip with two kids and a dog.  Holy massive amounts of crap!!! Everyone had their own bag (even the dog) plus the pack in play for Lucas to sleep in, and two strollers because we had not got all the parts to use our double stroller yet.  That all went in the back of the hubs truck.  Inside we had the diaper bag, snack bag, and the DVD player for Kalen with some movies.  Off we went to St.Cloud for the weekend, luckily its only about a hour and 45 min drive.  We had a super busy weekend ahead of us.  Friday we headed out to get Lucas' pictures taken, we weren't too happy with the pictures but we managed to get a couple of good ones.  Kalen was not to happy to be there and spent much of his time running around.  After pics we headed out to Ikea for some shopping.  I love Ikea but we often cannot get some of the things I want because we only had the accord and the items wouldn't fit.  But to my husbands my delight we now have a truck which allows for the bigger items! Yay.  Now I just need them put together.  We also hit up the outlets, where we purchased some new Jordans for Kalen.  He has a shoe collection that would rivial most womens.  He has so many we split them up so Lucas could have some of his own that were never worn by Kalen.  Saturday we had my niece's Baptism and then a nice lunch at Maggiano's.  So yummy!! Nothing is better than Family Style dinner with lots of leftovers to take home.  Then we spent the rest of the day swimming in the pool and hanging out.  Overall our weekend was super busy but lots of fun!!!

Lucas- this picture is sitting right next to the one of Kalen

Kalen when he was first born


Mr. Bright Eyes

Sorry if this post is a little sloppy I was holding a sleeping Lucas!!

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  1. Awww the pictures are so cute, especially the family portrait!!! I love it.. I cannot wait til I have family photos,haha. Sounds like your weekend was a lot of fun around family.