Wednesday, August 24, 2011

18 Months Aka A Year and a Half

Well my little Mister is growing despite my constant reminder for him to stop. He turned a year and a half on August 15th and is becoming such a big boy and I just can't handle it.  He doesn't need want your help for anything.  If he could open up the fridge and cut up the fruits and veggies himself he would.  While changing his diaper he often rips the wipe out of your hand to clean himself, he also does this with the washcloth at bath time.  He looks at you like 'I've got this mommy'. He tries to put on his clothes all by himself and his shoes. But he hasn't quite figured out how to get his shoe all the way on. He recently has managed to get both his legs in shorts and pull them up. As I write this he is trying to pull off his shorts and put them back on. So he looks like a gangster with his underwear diaper hanging out. He is a climbing fool, he managed to climb all the way up our bar stools. So not cool! He will pretty much try to climb he was up anything, that includes a jungle gym daddy.  Since he has become an expert mountain climber we no longer have any gates up and he just gets to run wild in the house.  He currently loves to place a blanket, hat, or shirt over his eyes and run around the house while blind.  It is actually quite comical when he runs smack in to something and just bounces off like a ping pong ball.
His favorite movie is Despicable Me, he loves to dance at the end when the girls, Gru, and the Minions are all dancing. He loves to dance anytime there is any kind of music playing.
He loves pretty much any type of fruit and will eat them up so fast.  His favs are blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. 
He loves Cars, he loves to push them all around the house while making the appropriate noises, vroom!
Kalen can't be bothered with a sippy cup outside of the house. He needs an adult cup, since he is a big boy. Needless to say we have often had spills, that's with a lid! The foam cups are no match for him, he just busts them right open.  Often shoving his finger through so out comes whatever yumminess was inside.  So while we were out shopping one day the hubs found a plastic, reasonable cup. It has a screw on lid and the bottom of the straw is larger than the hole, so the straw cannot be pulled out. So far it hasn't busted and believe me Kalen has tried.
His favorite activity is anything to do with water.  He loves the Splash park that is up the road.  I could probably drop him off in the morning and then pick him up for Lunch and Nap and take him right back.  I'm usually pooped after watching him play in the water for an hour.  He also loves bath time.  He has a little fishing pole and fish that he has finally figured out.  He is getting ready to go fishing with his grandpa buddy.  He is an expert at catch and throw the fish off as wildly as possible release. 
The little mister is slowly beginning to speak with words we can understand.  Though not many.  He often tries to repeat whatever we ask him to and sometimes it sounds pretty darn close.
These are so pretty recent pictures of the little man 

Chili for dinner

His happy place, the Tub

Combing up his mop

His first Slush

Nom Nom Nom


Brotherly Love (ignore the mess)

I just love this little man so much

And yes I trim this little dudes bangs probably every other week.  And just like that they have grown back.  I wish my hair grew that fast.


  1. Jess! He is so cute :] I love reading your stories.


  2. oh my goodess!! He is getting SO big! I cannot wait to see him on saturday and give him some big kisses!!