Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh This Week..

Is almost over. We had a bit of a crazy week here is the Scibetta house.  It started last Thursday night the 6th we headed to Jacksonville because I had a dentist appt on Friday morning.  Yes I still drive almost two hours to see my dentist.  We spent a few days at my moms house and the Hubs and I were able to spend all day Friday out and about with out the kiddos.  We dropped off our wedding rings to get cleaned and rhodium plated and the hubs finally got his sized down so it will stop flying off.  Then we had a nice lunch at Ted's Montana Grill, neither of us have ever eaten there before, but I was super excited when we sat down and we were brought pickle chips.  They were the kind where the cucumber hasn't fully been pickled long enough to be a full fledged pickle.  So they are nice and crunchy, perfect combo of a pickle and cucumber, so yummy.  The hubs was super excited to order a massive bison burger that thought it should be served for breakfast, it had an egg cooked on top as well as some breakfast ham.  I had the yummy Bison Chili with a side salad with BLT ranch (this might be my new fav ranch).  We did a little shopping and then headed back to my moms.  We played in the pool for a little while then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Where Kalen decided to dump my entire water into my lap.  Needless to say I was freezing. 

We decided to go back to our home in Citrus Springs on Sat since Lucas seemed like he was getting sick.  So we made the journey back home but we first had to drive 45 mins out of our way to pick up our rings first, so our usually two hour journey turned in to almost 4.  But, both kids did great, Kalen watched his movies and Lucas pretty much slept the whole way. 

Once we got home it seemed full fledged sickness took over Lucas.  He had a cough and his poor little nose was all stuffed up.  He slept with the humidifier in his room every night and it seemed to help a lot.  Well Lucas thought it was necessary to share his sickness with the whole house.  So Kalen also has a massive cold, he seems to almost be over it.  Kalen has been taking super long naps and has been sleeping in till around 9, this morning he slept till 1015.  Hopefully all this sleep is helping him get better, although he hasn't had much of an appitite only eating fruit.  Of course caring for two sick babies all week got mommy sick, and I'm pretty sure my sickness gave me a nice sinus headache that won't go away. 

Friday really hit the head on the nail of this not so awesome week.  I went to Publix to do all my shopping, got my cart unloaded and the cashier asked for my ID for the wine I was buying.  Do you think I had my ID? Of course not. Not only did I not have my ID I didn't even have my wallet so I had no way to pay for all the grocieries I had just loaded out of my cart.  Thank you to Publix who just scanned and bagged all my groceries and put them in the back so they would stay cold while I went home to get my wallet.  After that fun trip I headed to get my oil changed.  I also had some recalls on the computer in the car that they needed to reset, no biggie I was told an hour and half tops.  Well 2 and a half hours later I was headed home.  Geez

Positive note of the week Lucas has been sleeping from about 10 pm till 6/7am every night for about a week a half!! Yay  Although the poor thing has started to have nightmares I think. He wakes up from his naps screaming so loud. Poor thing
Here's to hopping for a better week next week and hoping this sickness leaves our house soon!!

Kalen needed to pull all the toys out

He wanted to read

Kalen decided to go play in the hole my moms dog Cooper just dug

Lucas Smiling at daddy

Being a happy baby inspite of being sick


  1. Oh so sorry your week has not been the best! at least all the sickness will be out of the house at once and hopefully won't come back for awhile! And that was really nice of Publix to do that for you. Hope you have a better week..

  2. your boys are so cute!! Sorry the week was tough, but at least you have those two little ones to look at and love!