Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Months Old

Ahhh.. I just wrote about Kalen turning a year and a half and now Lucas is 3 months old.  Our little man is growing oh so fast.  I feel like it was yesterday that I brought him home I know I say this a lot but its true.  Maybe because both my little boys keep me so busy that the days start to blend together and I'm never really sure what we did the day before.  It is definitely true that Kids are time accelerators and that with each year things go by faster and faster.  I know with two it seems to be going by in warp speed.  I can't even imagine when they are older and I am driving them to various sporting events and after school activities. 
Anyways Lucas is still my little smilebot.  I have never seen a baby smile so much in my life.  If he catches your eye there is a smile, you talk to him smile, tickle him smile.  Its so wonderful.  He is also getting better at laughing and when we get him going we all start to laugh.  The other day my hubs pulled out a book I made for him on his first fathers day that was filled with pictures of Kalen and Lucas is pretty much the spitting imagine of Kalen.  It's so crazy he is his little mini me.  Lucas has darker skin and he still has brown hair, which seems to be getting thicker. 
The little man is getting taller too.  I am going to pack up a bunch of his three month onesies because they are just not long enough.  The same goes for his pajamas there just isn't enough room in them for the little mister to stretch. 
He is no longer satisfied with just laying on the ground to play.  He will tolerate it for a little bit and then he wants to sit up.  He loves to sit on my lap and just watch his big brother play.  His little peepers follow your every move he just loves to track whoever is moving.  He even likes to sit in the bumbo and watch everyone in the house.  His interest in toys is growing by the day.  He grabs and holds on for dear life to the toys dangling above him on his play mat.  He also has a few toys he can hold and swing around.  He loves to grab blankets and chew on them, so I recently made him a Taggie blanket and he seems to love it.  I think I need to purchase Sophie the Giraffe for him, I'm pretty sure they would be fast friends. 
The little mister is also becoming a bit more mobile.  He is pretty good at rolling from his belly to his back and has just started rolling from his back to belly.  Of course the other day he went from his back to belly and then from his belly to his back in one big roll.  So I got the video camera out and the little squirt wouldn't do it again. 
Little man is sleeping a little more at night as the weeks go by.  He now usually goes down around 9/9:30 and sleeps till about 5/6 and then falls back asleep for another 2 hours or so.  He usually wakes up for the second time when Kalen wakes up for the day.  His naps during the day seem to be off.  He takes a few 30 to 45 min naps throughout the day and I can usually get him down for an hour and a half to two hours around when Kalen naps (probably because it is nice and quiet). 

Lucas with his Taggie

My little Ducky

Love my Zeta's

Loves to Smile

About to Roll over

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