Tuesday, September 13, 2011


About two weeks ago, on a Monday everything was going well.  Kalen was paying with his toys and Lucas was taking a nap, when Reggie needed to go outside.  So Kalen grabbed the leash and we took Reggie outside.  Everything seemed fine then we came back inside and Kalen needed his diaper changed.  All of a sudden he started screaming and crying and squeezed his eyes shut.  He started rubbing them and little tears made their way out of his clinched shut eyes.  I didn't know what was wrong so I quickly tried to change his diaper.  He couldn't and wouldn't open his eyes.  When he tried to open them I could only see the whites of his eyes.  Needless to say I started freaking out.  I didn't know if something got in his eyes outside or what.  So we grabbed his blanket and we left his room.  I took him to the living room and he sat on my lap, still not opening his eyes, but he was no longer screaming.  I tried getting a hold of The Hubs (because he happened to have the car seats in the truck, of course this would happen on a day that I couldn't just throw the kids in the car and go to the Dr).  No such luck.  About 10 mins had passed and Kalen has since calmed down and was slowing beginning to open his eyes.   
Once he finally opened them I was checking to see if there was anything in his eyes.  Nothing.  They were red but, that was due to him rubbing them. He finally got off my lap and walked to the fridge, so I opened it up to get him some milk and he closed his eyes and ran away screaming.  What the heck was happening to my poor Kalen.  He was just running around laughing and playing 15 mins ago.  He began to play again and wanted to go out on the porch with Reggie.  As soon as he went out he clamped his eyes shut and came back inside.  That's when I really started feeling bad for him.  It was the light, he all of a sudden became sensitive to light.  At that instant I realized what was going on.  I was immediately brought back to the first time I got a Migraine and that was my first symptom, sensitivity to light. 
I called the Dr to make an appt for him.  After I explained what happened to him we decided I would bring him in after his nap (Sleep for the most part helps rid you of the migraine).  I finally got a hold of Mike and he would be coming home early so we could go the Dr. 
The whole time he napped I looked up Migraines in kids.  There isn't much research on kids dealing with Migraines so I didn't get a whole lot of answers other than the fact that they are pretty rare.  I sat in shock he is only a year and a half old, I was 13 when I got my first one.  He has a 50% chance on inheriting them from me, but they usually do not start until puberty when hormones start going crazy in the body.  How could my little mister be getting them already.  In my research I found that often times kids start out by just getting the Pre-symptoms without actually getting a migraine headache.  They could gets these for years before getting the headache or get the headache the first time.  I prayed that if this is what was happening that he wouldn't develop the headache.  I felt so bad how would I be able to know if he got any of the other symptoms or the headache.  He can't talk yet so its not like he could tell me the light hurt his head or that his head felt like it might explode. 

When he awoke from his nap the light still seemed to be bothering him, but it was tolerable. So we put a hat on his head and gave him his sunglasses for the car ride to the Dr.  His pediatrician was just as baffled as I was.  She did a full body scan to make sure he was okay and then she wanted to check his eyes.  She wanted to make sure he hadn't scratched his eye or that something had gotten in his eye to irritate them.  Nothing, she said his eyes were perfect and nothing ever went in them that day.  He had become a lot more tolerable to the lights being on, but while she was checking his eyes with her flashlight thing (I'm sure that's the offical medical name for whatever it was, haha), Kalen would clamp his eyes shut.  So clearly he was still having some problems with the light being that close.  So it took her a little while to get a good look at his big beautiful eyes.  She told me she had another child the same age as Kalen who started getting migraines and that the child's parents actually took him to Chicago to get testing and be a part of a study for children with Migraines.  There isn't much you can do for children because no one wants to give children a daily medication to prevent migraines and I don't want Kalen to have to take some sort of medicine everyday. (Most likely a quarter of the same pill that adults get, who knows what kind of affect that would have on his body.) An most of the medicine is made for adults, even when I was 13 I had to take half of a tablet that was made for an adult.  I really can only give him a little bit of ibuprophen if I suspect he has the headache.

When we got home I wrote down everything we did the day before including what he ate all the way up to the point in which the first symptom showed up.  I have no idea if he had any of the other symptoms, i.e his arm or half of his face going numb, if he had nausea (he never actualy threw up, but his stomach could have been bothering him), if he got the headache, an aura, if he felt depressed, weakness, or anything else.  If he is truly starting to get  migraines he could have an attack at anytime he could not show symptoms for months or even years again.  I am now keeping a journal and if I suspect any of the symptoms I can write down everything before his first symptom showed up to see if any one thing is triggering it. 

Two days later while in the car he began screaming when I had the radio on and he would only stop if I turned it off.  I am assuming he had some sort of headache if not the actual migraine headache.  He has since seemed to be fine.  In the mornings he seems to have a sight sensitivity to light, but I think that mostly has to do with being in the dark and then having a bright light on. 

I am hoping and praying that this was just some weird occurrence and doesn't happen again or that it isn't something worse than migraines. 

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  1. aw poor little kalen!! i hope he is doing better