Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party!!

I pretty much knew not long after Lucas was born that his first birthday party would be The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Even though I knew this I still pretty much waited till the last minute to plan his party! I love just love the book and so do the boys.  I had big plans, but big plans require lots of money.  So I did most everything myself, bringing out my inner sorority crafting skills.  I love to craft and get my creative juices flowing, so this party was a lot of fun for me.  I perused the Internet especially pinterest to get some ideas. 
The first thing I wanted to make were little goody bags for the guests.  I order super cute Hungry Caterpillar fabric.  As soon as it came in I started on the first one.  However I quickly got frustrated and the bags never got finished.  I made one and it took forever.  I am okay with a sewing machine, but I think I could be a lot better if I took a class and actually learned about sewing instead of just reading the manual.  The bag looked fine and I will use it, but I like my crafts to be worthy of giving to someone else not like I tried to make it is a quick as possible.  So I decided I would just skip the bags.  Maybe another party down the road. 
I moved on to ordering Lucas' pictures from his first year and made his picture hangings which can be seen here. This is my absolute favorite thing to make I just love looking back on the pictures.  I saw it in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years back, before I Kalen even turned one and I knew I would be making these every year.
Next I wanted to make a pretty big Caterpillar to hang over the food table.  I saw a bunch made out of balloons but they weren't all that appealing to me so I decided to use Chinese lanterns and then cut out the different features of the Caterpillar.  I loved how it turned out and it was super easy!

I also made another Caterpillar out of Tissue paper pom-poms and hung those up by the front door.

I have been looking through the Internet for some time before the party and I came across a blog that had a free printable of all the days and what the caterpillar ate.  I saved the image to my computer and now I cannot find the blog to give her the credit! I'm so sorry.  So I printed them out and glued them to card stock for a little extra excitement. For the Mon-Fri days I attached them to jars with the food inside.  For Everything he ate on Saturday I just taped those up in the guest bathroom, for everyone to read while washing their hands.

Caterpillar Growing into a Butterfly. I love the fat one!! haha

I make the kids Birthday Banners every year and hand them on the entertainment center.  Lucas' was fun to make since I got to make "Happy" into caterpillar.

Just a few other small details.  I wrapped the silverware with a little caterpillar wrap and I bought some cute cardboard straws for everyone to enjoy their drinks with.
Straws from Making Memories Fun
Wraps from Soiree Chic Shop

On the front door hung Lucas' Birthday Wreath. Which is still there because I have yet to make a summer one.

Last but not least his yummy birthday cake.  I had the bakery that made our wedding cake make Lucas' Bday cake! The Bakery use to be called Sheila's but they changed it to Dessert First . They made him a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and delicious butter cream!!

Smash Cake
Lucas in his bday shirt from Munsker & Roo and his bday shades from my friend Ashley.

Enjoying his smash cake!! Yummy

Adorable Invite created by Park Side Prints.  Kelly Myers was great, she helps in any way possible


  1. Super cute! I can't wait to do A's next birthday, I'm already looking things up and she's only 15 months! ha!

    1. Thanks!! Yes I love planning parties, so fun! Good Luck

  2. I love this birthday idea due to the fact I've loved the book growing up. I know I am thinking way in advance, but I also had thought of making this into a nursery or first birthday lol.. it's come across my mind. Great job on everything though - it turned out really adorable.

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