Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lucas Is the Big ONE

So clearly I have been in La-la land!! Lucas turned one about a week a half ago,on May 24.  Just like every other parent out there you wonder where in the heck the year went.  You could have sworn you just brought your bundle of joy home a few weeks ago.  Now the little mister is walking and trying to make words with the sounds he can get out.  As I looked back on this past year I thought about how similar Lucas is to Kalen and then how completely different he is. 
For every birthday I print out pictures from the past year and arrange them in a number, for how ever old they are turning.  I love doing this and I'm sure one day the boys will be utterly embarrassed about it, but I don't care.  Its so fun to look back and see how much they have changed.  Obviously they change so much in the first year.  Lucas was completely dependent on his mom and dad.  He could really only squirm around and his only way to communicate was to cry.  Luckily Lucas was not much of a crier.  He is pretty much all smiles unless he is teething or hungry.  Now the little mister is walking wherever he wants to go, lifting his arms at you if he wants to be picked up, and feeding himself finger foods.  He also loves yelling out for his Da-da. 
Lucas loves to play with toys and can entertain himself just like his big bro Kalen. Which is nice for the rentals to get a break every now and then.  Just like his brother his happy place is in the Bath tub! No matter whats going on if you turn the bath tub on both kids come running at the bathroom like they are giving away puppies and lollipops in there. 
Lucas is so much like his father.  They are almost identical! Although when I took him for his one year check up the nurse said he looked just like me and I told her if she saw my husband she wouldn't think he looked anything like me.  As newborns both boys looked just like their father.  Kalen has changed a lot and I think he is starting to favor me a little more.  Lucas on the other hand still looks like his Pops.  They have the same skin coloring, which makes me extremely jealous, you can put sunscreen on both of them and they still tan up in a matter on minutes!! Just as when my hubs was a kid, Lucas has a darker, dirty blond coloring of his hair, but when he goes in the sun it turns this beautiful golden sunshine color.  His hair is also starting to curl a bit and its getting thicker by the day.  The hubs has wavy, thick hair as well. 
His personality is really starting to come out as well.  He is much more of a lover than Kalen was.  Lucas likes to be held sometimes and will come up to you and throw his arms up when he wants you.  he will also sit on your lap for a little while.  He is still super active though and doesn't like to stay in one place to long.  He loves to laugh and anything you do can pretty much trigger a fit of laughter.  He also loves anyone and everyone.  If you look at him he flashes you a huge grin and usually some laughs.  He is definitely more of a people person than Kalen is.  Kalen takes a little warming up but then he is usually good to go. 
This little guy has so much love.  He loves his Big Bro so much and makes me happy that they are so close.  He follow Kalen everywhere, plays with him, runs away laughing when Kalen chases him, and just loves to be around him.  Kalen loves him as well, yes he gets jealous of Lucas, and sometimes doesn't want to share with him, gives Lucas a good whack every now and then.  But he always says sorry and gives him a hug and a kiss.  Kalen doesn't quite understand how much smaller Lucas is because he often tackles him while giving hugs.  Kalen doesn't like when Lucas is upset, either.  Often times he runs up to him and says "sorry" even though Kalen isn't what made him cry.  He will bring him his juice and milk, bring him food, and "Lucas'" toys.  when Lucas wakes up from his nap Kalen usually runs to his room and starts yelling out his name and laughing and Lucas starts going nuts in his crib, laughing and smiling at his bro. 
Here are a few pictures of his bday night and then pictures of the 1s I made.  Its so fun to look and see how much he has changed in a year! Lucas has pretty much stayed the same in his face since birth, where Kalen looks nothing like he did when he was born.

Enjoying a slice of Cake on His Bday
All smiles after his cake

Pictures from his first year of life in the Shape of a 1 

Close up of the 1

2nd #1

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  1. Jessica, he's growing up so quick! It's time to have another one :P haha. I am just wanting to see how many babies you will have before we have one of our own.
    His birthday looked like a lot of fun and the pictures of him are adorable. I still cannot believe I've only seen the little guy once!