Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Fun

We had lots of fun celebrating Daddy this weekend.  He had more of a weekend celebration than just a Sunday celebration.  But shouldn't we celebrate mommy and daddy all the time! Ha. The hubs is such a good daddy!! The boys and I love him so much and we couldn't have asked for anyone better!! He was celebrating his 3rd Father's Day! Four years ago I actually told him he was going to be a Father soon on Father's Day, which was also landed on our First anniversary. 
The family started off the fun with some fun outdoor time.  The kids played outside, we set up the bubble machine and then eventually the water sprinkler ball got turned on because everyone was a hot sweaty mess.  The boys love anything to do with water, and would probably play in some sort of water all day if allowed. 

Some pictures from our outdoor fun

Chasing the Bubbles everywhere

Big Bro taking Lucas for a ride

So Happy!!
We usually do dinner the night before to beat the huge rush of people.  Having two kids wait for a super long time to get to a table and then expect them to sit nicely for the whole dinner is just not ideal.  So we celebrate early for the kids sake and our sanity.  So we headed out to the hubs pick of the night BoneFish.
Lucas enjoying the chopsticks

Daddy and Kalen, he loved the bread
Sorry for the quality, forgot the camera, so we used the phone
Sunday I woke up with the kids got there breakfast going and then Kalen carried Daddy's gift to him.  The Hubs wanted fractional weights, so that's what he got. Ha ha.  He wanted Dunkin Donuts coffee and a bagel for breakfast. So off I went to make the hubs happy.  After we ate we headed back outside for some more water time fun.  The hubs has wanted a super soaker for awhile, so his wish was my command on Father's Day.  So he became a kid again while we were outside.

Kalen flailing himself in the pool

Daddy attacking the Kids

He is having so much fun

Helping Lucas shot his bro

Kalen figuring out the water gun

Of course we added the slide for more FUN!!
To finish off the day we had a little cookout and I made the Hubs a Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Icing.  I could have just eaten the icing as if it was a dessert in its self.
Helping clean the utensils

Everyone gets some PB icing

Finished Cake
I will be uploading a lot more pictures on my facebook page!!

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  1. Aww that sounds like a great weekend. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Love seeing pics of those cute kids. P.S. that cake looks AWESOME!!