Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucas' Nursery

Well it has taken me way to long to post the pictures of Lucas' Room.  His room is Toy Story themed, the hubs painted all the characters on to canvas and then we hung them.  This was different than Kalen's room, because the Hubs just painted the Nemo characters right on to the wall, Kalen's Room.  There is still some extras we want to add to Lucas' room but we haven't found the right items yet.  I made letters spelling out Lucas' name to go over his crib, it seemed a little lonely above there.  I got my crafting on!! Yay

His crib

Buzz Lightyear

Mr. Potato Head


Pizza Planet sign above the door

Slinky- above the window


Bullseye and Rex are above the guest bed in the room
We are also thinking of maybe adding a different color to the bottom of the wall.  He room just doesn't seem to be nurseryish (my made up word) as we would like.


  1. What a cute room!! I love to do the kid's rooms! Hope all is going well for you, what beautiful children you have!!

  2. very cute and great job to michael on those paintings! i am definitely not that talented lol. I think a blue would look good on the bottom half of the room, i understand what you mean about not "nurseryish enough" lol