Monday, July 11, 2011

Rolly Polly

Well Lucas will be 7 weeks old on Tuesday.  He celebrated his first Holiday, July Fourth , and was a trooper through the fireworks-he slept right through them.  He also had his first milestone on July 4th, he decided to roll over from his stomach to his back.  Yay.  Little Mister actually likes to be be put down on the ground to play under his activity gym or just to wiggle.  He lets you know when he wants to be down as well, he becomes a little wiggle worm in your arms.  He is enjoying tolerating tummy time.  He will give you a good ten minutes before he wants to be on his back to wiggle.
Lucas is now starting to become more vocal, not just making noise when he is hungry, sleepy, or needs a diaper change.  He lets out squeals when you talk or sing to him, he also oohs and ahhhs when he looks at you.  Lucas has also become Mr. Smiles, he lets out smiles much more often now.  Just looking at his daddy or mommy produces a smile.  You can really get him to smile by playing with his lips, he thinks that is just too funny, often smiling and letting out squeals at the same time.  He is still a milkaholic but he still only needs one formula bottle in addition to all the breast milk bottles.  He eats about 4-6 ounces every 3/4 hours. 
He is becoming a slightly better sleeper.  He has now slept two times through the night, both times till 7:30am.  Allowing me to catch up on some sleep, although I felt more tired both times.  I guess my body was use to 5 hour intervals.  He consistently sleeps each night from 10/10:30 till 4/4:30 and then falls back asleep till 7:30/8.  Lately both kiddos have been waking up at the exact same time in the morning. Which makes for a fun morning.  We have been able to get him to take two good naps during the day rather than the one he was taking.  Each nap is usually 3-4 hours long.  Saturday we got a 5 hour 2nd nap. Every now and then we get a third one in depending on how long his other naps are. His long naps allow us to give Kalen lots of one on one attention.  Which Kalen seems to enjoy. 
Lucas Rolling over (From stomach to Back)

Kalen has had free reign of the house for awhile now.  Only the bedrooms, bathroom, and office are off limits.  Well he just can't handle not being able to go into our office area and has begun to pull the gate out of the way to get in.  We have now drilled the gate that is in the door way into the frame.  The other side is a little more tricky it  has good 15 ft opening that we have to gate off.  Well the gate we currently have is now tied to an ottoman to keep him from moving it.  We are looking into other options to keep the room gated off.  It currently isn't the most ascetic looking enclosure.  We have also had to up the baby proofing in the kitchen.  We finally locked the last cabinet, the Tupperware cabinet because we were tired of almost killing ourselves every time we walked through the kitchen.  All the drawers are now locked because Mr. Sticky fingers likes to open them and pull out whatever he can.  Luckily I was cooking when he decided to stick his hand in the silverware drawer and pull out a Knife...eeeekkkk.  That's just what I need is Kalen running after he pulls a knife out of the drawer and falling.  So now the kitchen is completely childproof, until he outsmarts the locks.  We are just waiting to find a sliding lock for the bi-fold pantry door because he is now figuring out how to open that and pull out whatever he can.  


All Smiles

Hey!! No Time Outs

Playing the Drums

Getting all cozy for his movie

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