Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucas turns 2 months

The littlest man of the house is growing too fast, he turned two months old on the 24th of July.  On Friday the 29th we headed into Ocala to visit his pediatrician for the evil 2 month shots.  I wish there was another way to give them immunizations besides stabbing them in the leg and in Mommy's heart. Luckily Dad came along this time and held the little misters hand.  Lucas actually did pretty well for his first time, he screamed but it was mostly an anger scream and he stopped as soon as she was done.  Lucas clocked in at the 50th percentile for weight and height, he was 11 pounds 8 ozs and 23 inches long.  Such a difference from Kalen who always seems to clock in at almost the 100th percentile. 

Little man loves to talk to us, anytime we ask him questions or just talk he begins to coo, I just love when he talks to us.  He smiles even more now, as soon as he sees Dad or Mom bamm there is a smile.  We have started calling him our little smilebot, because he seems to always be smiling.  His little eyes follow everything in sight now.  The other day he was tracking Reggie, our dog, all around and would smile and coo when he got close.  Tummy time is becoming fun for him, we mostly lay him on our chests and let him pick up his head and look around. His head holding skills are superb.  The littlest man is also becoming more independent.  He loves to lay on his play mat, the couch, or in his pack and play and just check out his surroundings while wiggling.

Lucas is becoming a better sleeper by the day.  He has been moving his bedtime up lately, which is always nice to go to sleep a little earlier.  Then he usually wakes up for some grub anytime between 330-5.  He also has been getting his business done quickly as well, getting his diaper changed, eating, and then quickly heading back off into dreamland.  THANK YOU Lucas!! This has been great for your mommy.

My Smilebot

Giving Smiles even after his shots earlier

Yay I'm 2 months Old


  1. Jess!

    Lucas is getting so big! I am glad to hear that things are going well in the Scibetta home!


  2. he is so cute and only 2 months old!