Sunday, July 10, 2011

UPDATED: Super Stroller

So I have some wonderful friends and family who all pitched in to get me this FABULOUS double stroller I wanted for Kalen and Lucas.  I had been scouring the web looking for the perfect double stroller for me.  I had read all kinds of reviews about all the different double strollers available.  When I finally settled on the Baby Jogger- City Select.  I was telling my mom about it and she decide to round up a few friends to pitch in, since I wasn't having a 2nd baby shower.

This stroller can function as a single or a double and has 16 different combos of seat arrangements when being used as a double.  I do not have the bassinet, Lucas rides in his car seat.  I have the second seat for when Lucas gets big enough to sit in it.  Currently Lucas sits up top in his car seat while Kalen takes the low spot.  It is such a smooth ride, the wheels are rubber air filled tires, and it is much lighter than other double strollers and isn't as long.  You can always remove the seats before folding to make the stroller even lighter.

All the different seat combos
Picture of the stroller with Kalen in it

Special Shout out to Ashley M, Ashley G, Megan L, Megan Z, My Mom, and my Dad for this awesome Stroller!!


  1. veryyy cool stroller! that was sweet of all of them to do that

  2. Not gonna lie- that is a pretty sweet stroller! Glad that you are enjoying it! xo